Halo Infinite players suggest fix for “useless” Radar amid audio issues

Hamza Khalid
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Halo Infinite players are frustrated with the game’s Radar which is failing to notify them of their enemies’ whereabouts, and they’re now asking the developers to fix this issue.

As fans await the global release of Halo Infinite, they are getting a feel for how the game works in the free Multiplayer mode that was released early. While this has been generally well-received, players have a few complaints.

One of these is with the in-game Radar, which is meant to track enemy movements so you can stay aware of their locations. However, it seems to not be functioning properly, and players are calling for the developers to fix it.

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This issue was highlighted by Reddit user ParagonFury in the Halo Infinite subreddit. They stated that the Radar is “useless” as it gives you no information about what other players are doing.

“It’s probably the most pressing gameplay issue at the moment,” the Redditor stated. “Because as it stands now, the game gives you essentially ZERO information to help you keep awareness or locate enemies or track their movements.”

It’s difficult to retaliate against enemies when you can’t hear their movements. Many of the commenters on the post agreed with this stance and claimed that this is most likely a bug.

“The sound is bugged from behind I’m almost sure of it,” wrote one user. “Not just footsteps, but straight-up gunshots and explosions are often completely mute directly behind you.”

While this is irritating, one player found a way to get around this problem. Reddit user ‘rhylte’ claimed that the problem is caused by your audio output device not being configured to ‘stereo.’

This causes a conflict since the audio in the game is in stereo, so you’re unable to hear enemy movements and the Radar stops working properly as a result. In order to fix this, you can simply change the settings on Windows.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this solution only works for players on PC, so Xbox players will need to wait for an official fix.

It remains to be seen whether or not the developers implement a fix. However, they did confirm a Battle Pass progression fix in response to fan backlash, so they do listen to fan suggestions.

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