Halo Infinite fans slam ‘cash grab’ cosmetic unlocks

Hamza Khalid
Green Spartans in Halo Infinite

Halo fans are frustrated with Halo Infinite’s new “cash grab” armor coating cosmetics system as they believe the costs to change their Spartan’s color scheme are too steep.

The Halo Infinite developers made the game’s multiplayer component available to download on November 15 and it’s completely free right now. While this has been generally well-received, players still have a few complaints.

Halo Infinite comes with an overhauled cosmetic system that lets you customize Spartan armor with ‘seven layer shaders.’ However, this hasn’t set well with players due to a limited choice of colors and high cost.

White Halo Infinite spartan armor

Rather than letting you fine-tune each bit of armor separately, the Halo Infinite cosmetic system implements coating on the full set at a steep cost. Redditor ‘FabulousTop3970’ highlighted this issue in the Halo subreddit.

“Halo Infinite customization needs to change,” the post demanded. It claimed that Halo 3 came with over 27,000 color options, and pricing them the same as in Infinite would make them come up $270,000 before tax.

The Halo community then asked that the developers only monetize new features such as the center circles pattern and texture options, while returning control of primary and secondary colors back to players for free.

Many of the commenters agreed with the points made in the post. “Firmly support. Removing colors is such a transparent cash grab,” wrote one user.

Halo players have wanted the ability to individually customize pieces of armor for years, and they’re frustrated that Infinite makes them “rely on pre-made combinations” that come with steep costs.

Some shaders are available in the Battle Pass while others have to be purchased manually. “Every single aspect of this game is now built around making money,” commented one player.

At the time of writing, 343 Industries have yet to respond to these complaints, so it remains to be seen whether or not the cosmetic system in Halo Infinite will go through any major changes soon.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries

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