Every Halo Infinite easter egg & secret

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Halo Infinite easter eggs and secrets

Halo games have always been known to house an abundance of easter eggs and the latest installment is no exception. Here are all the easter eggs and secrets found in Halo Infinite.

There are many hidden references and mentions of popular culture in the new Halo. Although the game is only currently in the Multiplayer Beta stage, the developers have put a lot of effort into the cosmetics, maps, and audio.

With that being said, here is every Halo Infinite easter egg and secretly found in the Multiplayer.

Halo Infinite easter eggs & secrets

Halo Infinite spartan fighting with commando

Thankfully, YouTuber xGarbett has compiled every current easter egg and secret in Halo Infinite. There’s a lot to get through so let’s get to it.

First off, let’s take a look at all of the references and easter eggs to the Halo franchise in Infinite.

References to Halo

Halo Infinite novels easter egg

In Halo Infinite, players have found books on The Streets map that reference real Halo Novels.

These include “Silent Storm” and “Renegades,” which are both Halo novels that fans can purchase and read in real life.

This is a nice touch from the developers, especially for those who have read the novels.

Halo Infinite spartan easter egg

Next, we have a more obvious reference to the Halo franchise. Players can find Spartan Murals sprawled across the walls of multiple maps.

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This art depicts the now-famous Spartan soldiers that have really become iconic thanks to the main man Master Chief.

Halo Infinite 202 reveal easter egg

This Halo Infinite easter egg is a reference to the 202 Halo Infinite Campaign reveal, where a cut scene ended with a crashing Pelican.

In the cutscene, the character says “Yep, this is death…” which is what is shown as your location when you enter the pilot seat in the multiplayer map “Deadlock.”

Halo Infinite odst easter egg

Players have also found a reference to the previous Halo ODST.

On The Streets, you can find ODST art on the wall, referencing a cult-classic Halo game that many fans will definitely enjoy.

Halo Infinite 8 bit easter egg

The last and probably most interesting Halo easter egg players can find on The Streets is this Halo Infinite arcade machine.

This machine plays various songs from Halo Combat Evolved in 8 bit, a great addition that will be noticed and appreciated by hardcore Halo fans.

Leading onto easter eggs that reference popular culture outside of Halo, next to this machine is another game that references one of the most popular arcade games of all time, Space Invaders.

Halo Infinite popular culture easter eggs

Halo Infinite cat easter egg

First off we have a picture of a cat that can be found on The Streets map. The image is pretty random, but considering it’s an image of a real cat, perhaps this is actually one of the developer’s pets.

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This wouldn’t be the first time game developers have included images of their pets as in-game easter eggs. Recently, players found an image of a developer’s dog on the Apex Legends map Storm Point.

Halo Infinite 343 easter egg

Behind the arcade machines on The Streets, players can look behind some glass and see a clear reference to the developers behind Halo Infinite.

The numbers that show up are “34:3,” which is obviously a reference for 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite evangelion easter egg

Once again, The Streets map is host to another easter egg. This time it’s a reference to Evangelion, a popular Japanese anime series.

The image is displaying an 8-bit version of an Eva unit, which is a fictional biomechanical humanoid.

Halo Infinite sesame street easter egg

We then have a reference to Sesame Street in The Streets map. If you manage to find the little corner with two bins on the map, pinging the open bin will label it as “Oscar’s House.”

For those unaware, Oscar the Grouch is a character from Sesame Street who lives in a trash can.

Halo Infinite red vs blue easter egg

We then have a couple of references to the popular “Red vs Blue” Halo web series created by Rooster Teeth.

This series has increased in popularity massively over the years, but this is a reference to one of the early episodes where a Spartan is convinced their armor is “lightish red” and not pink.

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Halo Infinite red vs blue easter egg

The next Red vs Blue reference is concerning another early episode where a Spartan is being told they have something blue stuck to their helmet.

Ultimately it’s a sticky grenade, but while trying to figure out what it is the soldier asks if it’s a spider.

Halo Infinite among us easter egg

This Weapon Emblem of the number 3 in Halo infinite is a reference to the hugely popular game Among Us.

In Among Us, when there are three players left, a decision needs to be made as to who the imposter is. This is why the quote for this cosmetic item says, “we need to vote someone off the ship.”

Halo Infinite fallout easter egg

Another cosmetic item easter egg references another massive game franchise in Fallout.

In Fallout 3, one of the opening lines is “War never changes.” This is spun as Wort never changes in Halo Infinite, Wort being the Halo universe’s word for “Go” when entering battle.

Halo Infinite Doom easter egg

Finally, we have a reference to arguably the FPS game that started it all, Doom.

The original Doom had many cheat codes, but one of the most popular was the IDDQD, which was essentially “God Mode.”

That’s all for every easter egg and secrets found in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer maps. If more are found we’ll be sure to update this piece with the information. For more on Halo Infinite, be sure to check out how the ranked playlist works.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries / xGarbett

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