How to get the Triarch Nox skin in Fortnite

Hamza Khalid
Triarch Nox skin in Fortnite

Fortnite players are wondering how they can get their hands on the Triarch Nox cosmetic skin in Chapter 4 Season 2, and here’s everything that you need to know.

Fortnite features no shortage of cosmetic skins for players to unlock, and each seasonal update brings brand-new ones that you can equip, including crossover cosmetics from franchises like Resident Evil and Attack on Titan.

Chapter 4, Season 2 features a character known as Triarch Nox that you can battle on the island. If you want to know how to unlock this character as a cosmetic skin in Fortnite then we’ve got the answer.

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How to get the Fortnite Triarch Nox skin

The Triarch Nox cosmetic skin is part of the Fortnite Crew pack for April 2023, and you acquire it by signing up for a Fortnite Crew subscription. You will also be able to obtain additional cosmetics, including a new Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Wrap.

Here’s how to sign up for Fortnite Crew:

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  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Visit the Battle Pass menu screen.
  3. Select the Fortnite Crew signup icon.
  4. Enter the required details.

Once you’ve signed up for Fortnite Crew, you’ll be able to unlock the Triarch Nox skin as well as the other cosmetics in the April pack. You’ll also be able to obtain new skins at the start of each new month.

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Triarch Nox is in the April 2023 Fortnite Crew pack.

Triarch Nox is a member of The Last Reality faction in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2. He can spawn at Lonely Labs and Windcatch Lake. When you battle this NPC, you’ll find great difficulty as he has 100 health as well as 400 shield points.

This opponent also uses the deadly Kinetic Blade and Havoc Pump Shotgun. So, you’ll need to stock up on weapons and potions before battling him. Now, players with a Fortnite Crew subscription can equip this character as a cosmetic skin.

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