How to Get Fortnite Beast Boy skin

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Fortnite Beast Boy Skin

Epic Games has officially revealed that a new Fortnite Beast Boy skin is coming to the fan-favorite game along with a highly anticipated Teen Titans Cup event.

The past year has seen Epic Games collaborate with Marvel and DC to bring a wide array of popular comic book characters into the world of Fortnite.

Heroes and villains from Batman to Harley Quinn have brought the DC universe into the battle royale game, and now a brand new Teen Titans character is going to be added to the game’s roster by way of Beast Boy.

Fortnite Beast Boy Skin

How to Get Fortnite Beast Boy skin

Players will have a couple of options for how to get the Fortnite Beast Boy skin. One route will be the Teen Titans Cup event, where competing players will compete to unlock this cosmetic outfit. The Teen Titans Cup will be taking place on May 12, 2021, and will be a duos tournament.

Fortnite Beast Boy Skin Teen Titans Cup

Competing players will also be able to earn various other rewards focused on Beast Boy and Raven from the Teen Titans.

However, according to HYPEX, the Fortnite Beast Boy skin will also be made available for players to purchase in the game’s item shop, so players cannot or who did not want to play in the Teen Titans Cup will still have the ability to get this DC inspired character.

Fortnite Beast Boy Skin

The cosmetic pack for this outfit will feature a couple of different styles that players can choose from, including an emote that will allow the Teen Titans character to transform into an ape in what is one of the cooler cosmetic items Fortnite has ever seen.

A baseball bat pickaxe and a gaming controller attached to a pizza box backbling will also be part of the complete cosmetic pack for this DC character.

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be looking to compete in the Teen Titans Cup to get the Fortnite Beast Boy skin early or waiting to purchase the newest DC character to join the battle royale game from the store.

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