Best Renetti loadout for CoD: Mobile Season 3

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best cod: mobile renetti loadout

The Renetti pistol is one of the strongest sidearms players can utilize in CoD: Mobile, so you will want to make sure you have the best CoD: Mobile Renetii loadout to take advantage of its maximum potential.

Season 3 of CoD: Mobile brought plenty of exciting content to the first-person shooter, with one of the biggest pieces of content being the addition of the Renetti pistol.

The Renetti has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with in Season 3, which is why we have gathered everything you need to know to make the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout so that you can take down all of your enemies with this formidable sidearm.

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout attachments

Barrel: OWC Ranger
Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
Stock: Folding Stock
Trigger: Match Grade Trigger
Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

These attachments will help increase your recoil control of the Renetti’s high damage output dramatically and allow you to land accurate shots compared to a build without these particular attachments.

The increase in ammo and fire rate will also allow you to fire many more rounds down-range faster, which will help in you taking down multiple targets faster.

Best Perks for CoD: Mobile Renetti class

Having the right perks for this setup will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of this weapon, even more, so we suggest trying the following perks to help make your class even stronger in Season 3.

Perk 1 – Lightweight

Using Lightweight as your first perk will provide you with a 10% increase in your sprinting speed, which will allow you to fly around maps with the Renetti at incredible speeds and take advantage of this pistol’s power when playing aggressively. Lightweight will also cause you to take less fall damage.

best cod: mobile renetti loadout

Perk 2 – Ghost

Having Ghost equipped will keep enemy UAVs from being able to locate you and show you on your enemies’ minimaps making this perk choice a no-brainer.

It will allow you to get in close with the Renetti without the chance of an enemy player seeing you approach beforehand, thanks to a UAV.

Perk 3 – High Alert

Knowing where enemies that are outside of your line of sight are shooting you from is invaluable when playing CoD: Mobile, so having High Alert equipped when using the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout will allow you to instantly know where an enemy not in view is shooting you from and start a counter-attack.

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

How to unlock the Renetti in CoD: Mobile

Players looking to add this pistol to their inventory will need to complete the Quick Hands challenge. The quick hands challenge consists of eight different steps that you will need to complete to unlock the Renetti in CoD: Mobile. You can find the eight steps of the Quick Hands challenge and how to complete the steps below:

  • Play 3 matches in any mode
  • Kill 15 enemies with pistols
  • Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11
  • Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11 equipped with the FMJ Perk + 4 other attachments
  • Kill 30 enemies with any Pistol equipped with 4 attachments
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots using Pistols equipped with 3 attachments
  • Win 7 multiplayer matches with any J358 equipped

Best alternatives

If you are not feeling the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout, the J358 and MW-11 are excellent alternatives for sidearms and will provide solid firepower for your secondary slot if you are not using Overkill to have two primary weapons.

The PP19 Bizon is also a great alternative if you are looking for a powerful close-quarters weapon in Season 3.

Members of the community who utilize the attachments and perks above will have the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout at their disposal and should not have any trouble finding success in their future matches when using this powerful pistol.

Image Credits: Activision

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