Where to find UFOs in GTA Online: Locations and rewards

GTA Online UFO sightings

Halloween has been a popular event in GTA Online and alongside Ghosts and possessed animals, players will witness the return of UFOs in 2023. Here’s every UFO location on the GTA Online map and the reward you’ll get for encountering them.

The spooky season in GTA Online is back as players can now stumble upon ghosts and possessed animals around the map. Last year, you had to look for UFOs, click their pictures, and send them to Omega for an exciting reward. Apparently, the event has returned for those who couldn’t get the UFO boxer shorts and the Glow Believe cap.

A new UFO will appear every day in GTA Online till Halloween which is why you wouldn’t want to skip clicking their picture. Players who missed the event last year now have the chance to get cosmetic rewards and enhance the value of their inventory. Considering that these cosmetics become available only once a year, they’re also pretty rare and worth showing off.

On that note, here are the locations of all the UFOs in GTA Online that’ll appear between October 13 and October 31.

GTA Online UFO locations

There will be 26 UFOs to track down around San Andreas in GTA Online starting on October 12, with a new one appearing across 17 days. The last sighting will be on the Saturday before Halloween when the UFO event draws to a close.

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The unidentified objects can only be seen between 10 PM and 4 AM in-game, so you’ll have to wait until nighttime rolls around to start taking pictures. Once you’ve snapped a UFO you’ll have the option to send the photo to Omega. Doing so will strike that particular ship off the list.

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The locations of the UFOs appearing in GTA Online hasn’t changed, so here’s a list of all the UFO locations during GTA Online Halloween event 2023:

DayMarked UFO that’ll appear on the dayUFO LocationUFO Type
October 121Paleto BayRe-appears
October 132Above sunken UFO near Paleto BayRe-appears
October 143Mount ChiliadRe-appears
October 154El Gordo LighthouseOnly day when this UFO Appears so don’t miss
October 165Altruist CampRe-appears
October 176Silent Probe Mountain in Sandy ShoresRe-appears
October 187Satellite Relay Station off Route 68Only day when this UFO appears so don’t miss
October 198Gunrunning UFO Crash Site south of Fort ZancudoRe-appears
October 208,9Shack (Grand Senora Desert) and Gunrunning UFO Crash SightRe-appears
October 2110Patriot House near Redwood Lights TrackRe-appears
October 2211Farm off Baytree Canyon RoadRe-appears
October 2312Palmer-Taylor Power StationRe-appears
October 241,2,3Paleto areaRe-appears
October 255,8,11Altruist Camp, Fort Zancudo and FarmRe-appears
October 266,10,12East Blaine County x3Re-appears
October 2713-17Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE HeadquartersRe-appears
October 2813-2614 UFOs all across Los SantosThe UFOs can abduct you
October 2913-2614 UFOs all across Los SantosThe UFOs can abduct you
October 3013-2614 UFOs all across Los SantosThe UFOs can abduct you
October 3113-2614 UFOs all across Los SantosThe UFOs can abduct you

To help you spot these UFOs effortlessly, we’ve marked them on the GTA Online map:

UFO locations on the GTA Online mapRockstar Games
Some UFOs will only appear on a single day so make sure you click their picture on time.
UFO locations on GTA Online mapRockstar Games
Collecting pictures of all 26 UFOs will grant exciting rewards to GTA Online players.
UFO locations in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
You can find a UFO near the Airport Gate 1.

GTA Online UFO event rewards

Each UFO picture of a UFO will be rewarded with $15,000 and 1,000 RP, so there’s plenty of incentive to find as many as possible. If you manage to snap every single one, you’ll also get $50,000 and a Glow Believe Cap.

On the final day of the event, you will be abducted by the lines if you approach one of the ships. By the time you’re beamed back down to earth, you’ll be wearing nothing but UFO Boxer Shorts, which will be yours to keep.

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