How to register as an MC President in GTA Online

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A GTA Online player becoming a Motorcycle Club President

Registering as a Motorcycle Club President in GTA Online provides players with several benefits like contracts and more opportunities to earn money. Here’s how you can register as an MC President in GTA Online and make a fortune.

GTA Online was released nine years ago, and it is still one of the most popular roleplaying games in the world. Rockstar has consistently released DLC and events for the game and accordingly, players have a wide range of vehicles to drive, roles to take, and heists to plan.

Taking up major roles like CEO and MC President costs a lot but they let you enjoy many benefits that other players can’t. This includes buying businesses, VIP protection, and bribing the police, among others.

Here’s a guide on how to register as an MC President in GTA Online.

Members of a Motorcycle Club in GTA

How to become an MC President in GTA Online

You need to purchase a clubhouse to become an MC President in GTA Online. Do note that you cannot be a CEO and an MC President at the same time. Hence, if you’re a CEO, resign from that position first to become an MC President.

How to purchase a clubhouse in GTA Online

Follow these steps to purchase a clubhouse in GTA Online:

  1. Open your in-game phone in GTA Online and go to the Internet.
  2. On the cover page of, choose Foreclosures Maze Bank and then Enter Site.
  3. A map will open showing you the properties you can buy. Use the filter on the top-right corner of the screen to only see clubhouses.
  4. There will be over ten clubhouses on the map. Purchase the one that suits you best and renovate it accordingly.

Register as an MC President in GTA Online

After buying a clubhouse in GTA Online, follow these steps to become an MC President in the game:

  1. Open the interaction menu by pressing the M key on a PC, the touchpad on PlayStation 4 and 5, and the View button on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.
  2. Scroll down to Motorcycle Club and select it.
  3. Click on Start a Motorcycle Club.
Bikers riding in GTA

Now, you’ll be the president of a Motorcycle Club and with a big role comes great responsibility. You’ll be able to purchase a wide range of businesses that pay a lot more than any other role.

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