How to get a fire truck in GTA V: Fire station locations

GTA V characters and a fire truck

GTA V is known for its brilliant vehicle collection which not only includes supercars but also fire trucks and tractors. If you want to complete The Bureau Raid mission or just roam around like a firefighter, here’s how to get a fire truck in GTA V.

As a civilian, you can only dream of driving a fire truck without the necessary expertise but things are definitely easier in GTA V’s Los Santos. You can steal a fire truck effortlessly from a fire station and even trick the emergency services to obtain it.

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A fire truck might not be the best vehicle in GTA V but it surely is iconic. The fire truck approach for The Bureau Raid mission is a reference to Mission Impossible. Michael and his crew escape as firemen like Ethan Hunt broke into the CIA.

Here’s every method you can use to get your hands on a fire truck in GTA V.

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in GTA 5GTA V campaign lets you play as multiple characters.

How to get a fire truck at your location in GTA V

Follow these steps to order a fire truck at your location in GTA V:

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  1. Open your in-game phone and select Contacts.
  2. Search for Emergency Services and select Fire Department.
  3. The fire department will send a truck to your location. Steal it upon arrival.
  4. Make sure that you don’t have any wanted levels or the fire department won’t send the truck.

You must be near roads to make use of emergency services. Moreover, start a fire to distract the firefighter NPCs.

If you call this fire truck to complete The Bureau Raid mission in the game, the next step will be to take the vehicle to a garment factory marked on the map.

Where is the fire station in GTA V?

There are six fire stations in GTA V:

  • Paleto Bay Fire Station
  • Davis Fire Station
  • Rockford Hills Fire Station
  • El Burro Heights Fire Station
  • Fort Zancudo Fire Station
  • LSIA Fire Station

This image showcases the exact location of all six fire stations in GTA V:

Fire Stations often have more than one fire truck.

Fort Zancudo can have up to four fire trucks while the other fire stations might have two. Last but not least, there’s one fire truck near the South Los Santos Medical Center.

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With this guide, you should never have a problem finding a fire truck in GTA V. For more content on GTA V and GTA Online, check out:

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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