Does Nightingale have multiplayer or co-op?

Joaquín Frere
Nightingale survivors in the Fae realms.

Inflexion Games is developing a new Survival game that mixes the 1800s with magic beings and strange realms. Fans of the genre are wondering if the game can be played with friends, or if it has any multiplayer aspects such as PvP, and here’s the answer to that.

Nightingale is a new upcoming Survival game developed by a team of ex-Bioware devs that assembled as Inflexion Games. They are set to bring a new Survival take to the genre, as they combine exploration, RPG elements, and procedural generation in their new world.

Humanity has fallen, and with the help of Fae magic, humans have fled to the Fae realms to learn once again how to survive. In the Nightingale adventures, players will be able to explore procedurally generated levels created by them and their choices.

So, with a lot of exploring to do, players wonder if Nightingale has any multiplayer aspects or coop, and here’s all you need to know.

Can I play Nightingale multiplayer or coop?

Yes, Nightingale can be played with up to six players in a PvE-oriented session, with dedicated servers and no world-host restrictions. The game will feature a hub city called ‘The Watch’ where players can interact with social mechanics, but shared worlds will be limited to six players.

Nightingale coop.
You can play Nightingale with your friends, and connect each other’s worlds with portals.

Inflexion Games has confirmed that PvP is planned for the game, but to avoid griefing at first, they will limit the feature and stay as a PvE experience. The game goes around the use of cards that determine how the game builds the world, with different biomes, monsters, and weather.

These cards will be the key to unlocking PvP in the future, according to the devs. But, as the game arrives in Early Access on February 20, 2024, the player versus player feature will not be available on this date.

Stay tuned to this article, as we will update it with more information once we know when PvP becomes available, or if any other multiplayer features are added. Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of our Nightingale coverage:

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