10 best Brawlhalla mods: Minecraft, Among Us, Vegeta, more

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Brawlhalla promo art with Steve from Minecraft and Vegeta

The Brawlhalla community has constantly made mods that change the music and appearance of characters, weapons, and battle arenas. If you’re a fan of such changes, check out this list of the 10 best mods in Brawlhalla.

Mods have allowed Brawlhalla players to alter a wide range of mechanics such as music, characters, and weapons. The mods are purely cosmetic in nature but are still quite popular in the community.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a ton of mods that were able to improve the user experience. Here are 10 Brawlhalla mods that you must try to make your brawls more memorable than ever.

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Brawlhalla characters fighting

How to install mods in Brawlhalla

Follow these steps to install and play your favorite Brawlhalla mods:

  1. Download the desired mods. Some popular sources include Nexusmods and GameBanana.
  2. Locate your Steam Library, and then go to Steamapps > Common. Here, you’ll find the files for Brawlhalla. Copy-paste the mod here.

A majority of mods will require no installation and you just need to place them in the game’s folder. It is important to note that mods only work on PC and if they’re compatible with the latest game version.

Unfortunately, you cannot run Brawlhalla mods on a console or a mobile device.

Best Brawlhalla mods: Minecraft, ultra graphics, anime, more

10. Ultra Realistic Graphics RTX Mod

The Ultra Realistic Graphics RTX mod for Brawlhalla by content creator Flipside drastically improves the graphics quality of certain maps. As opposed to the game’s cartoon-like style, this mod adds realistic textures of grass, cities, and trees.

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Flipside has worked on three maps for the ultra-realistic graphics mod- Demon Island, Brawlhaven, and Miami Dome. All three maps have enhanced graphics that can decrease the FPS if you’re playing on a low-end device.

Here’s how the Demon Island map looks with ultra-realistic graphics:

Brawlhalla ultra realistic graphics mod

9. Petra Unleashed

Petra is an S-tier unit and as of August 2022, she is one of the best Legends in Brawlhalla. The Petra unleashed mod by Cryonnaise customizes the Obake Petra outfit and turns her into an anime-style character with glowing light-blue hair and animated gauntlets.

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The Petra Unleashed mod is purely cosmetic implying that the character’s fighting ability doesn’t change with it. Regardless, players have been very impressed with this version of Petra and they expect it to be an official skin that they can unlock through chests.

Brawlhalla Petra Unleashed mod

8. Undertale

If you’re a fan of Undertale, you must try the Undertale mod for Brawlhalla. It turns skins such as Corsair Mirage and Xull into Sans from Undertale.

The Undertale mod for Brawlhalla was originally released almost two years ago but it was recently updated. Fans worldwide have appreciated the changes, and we finally have a Brawlhalla x Undertale crossover.

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Here are two Undertale characters battling against another team in Brawlhalla:

Brawlhalla Legends replaced by Undertale characters

7. Venom

Marvel fans can now play as Venom in Brawlhalla with the Venom Mod by El Monky. The mod itself is free, but you must own the Iron Legion Mordex skin to use it. It turns Iron Legion Mordex into Venom with massive hands that resemble boxing gloves.

Players can play with the authentic black Venom skin or choose other skin themes such as Winter Holiday, Lovestruck (Red), Heatwave, Haunting, Home Team, Lucky Clover, Gala, Verdant Bloom, Charged OG, and Soul Fire, among others. Moreover, there are minor changes in the animations of moves and signatures.

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The wide range of color options and the vogue of Venom among Marvel fans are some of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the Venom mod.

Venom in Brawlhalla

6. Vegeta mod

Dragon Ball Z fans will love playing as Vegeta in Brawlhalla, thanks to the Vegeta mod by El Monky. It introduces the iconic anime character as a brawler but you must own Diamondhead Caspian to use it.

The Vegeta skin in Brawlhalla has three versions – Base, Super Saiyan, and SS Blue. The creator has also added some new animations and the attention to detail is certainly eye-catching.

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Vegeta in Brawlhalla

5. Minecraft x Brawlhalla

Even though it sounds crazy, you can actually play as a Minecraft character in Brawlhalla with the Steve mod by Ren. It replaces the Ronin Koji skin, meaning you must own this cosmetic to play as Steve.

Steve is Minecraft’s main character and the pixelated graphics of the sandbox game have now become its identity.

There are different versions of Steve in the mod. You can change his hair color to black, white, grey, or purple.

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Different version of Minecraft's Steve in Brawlhalla

4. Brawlhalla Royalty pack

The Brawlhalla Royalty pack by Cryonnaise and Qewstone contains a ton of weapon skins, loading screen, avatar, insignia, avatar, and taunts. The total number of cosmetics is 13.

You’ll have to own and replace the following cosmetics with the Royalty pack items:

  • Brawlhalla Collectors pack
  • Throne Emote
  • Season 1 Battle pass Loading Frame

The Brawlhalla Royalty pack offers quantity and quality which explains the overwhelmingly positive response towards it. It has over 10,000 views and almost 1,500 unique users have installed it already.

Brawlhalla Royalty Pack cosmetics displayed during battle

3. Among Us x Brawlhalla

The Among Us mod by C0s0lix has fetched over 1000 views within a month of release. It replaces the Masked Hero Cassidy skin with an Among Us crewmate and just like the original game, there are many color options.

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Among Us might not be as popular as it was a few months ago, but millions of gamers have made countless memories playing the Indie title with their friends and family.

Two Among Us crewmates in Brawlhalla

Among Us has collaborated with the likes of Fortnite, Ratchet and Clank, and Fall Guys. All these crossovers have been huge triumphs and it seems like the Brawlhalla community expects an official collaboration as well.

2. Luffy arrives in Brawlhalla

While we do not have an official One Piece x Brawlhalla crossover yet, the Luffy mod by Xorldz has been a fan favorite for years. As the name suggests, it replaces Petra with Luffy from the anime series and adds custom sound effects and signature moves. You can also customize the color of the character’s clothes.

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In three years of release, the Luffy mod has fetched over 60,000 views and almost 10,000 players have downloaded it.

Luffy in Brawlhalla

It is worth noting that the Luffy mod hasn’t been updated for a long time and might not work well with the latest versions. Having said that, it is the only mod that’ll allow you to play as Luffy in Brawlhalla.

1. Rivals of Valhalla

The most popular mod pack in Brawlhalla history is Rivals of Valhalla by ThatGoldenWolf, Raphael Drew Boltman, Qewstone, smolspky, and Bucccket. The team has worked hard to make new skins, maps, cosmetics, and UI themes.

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This mod is essentially an unofficial Rivals of Aether x Brawlhalla collaboration. Well-known characters such as Zetterburn, Wrastor, and Absa replace the brawlers and almost all the maps get a Rivals of Aether theme.

The amount of content in the Rivals of Valhalla is surprising and amazing at the same time. Unlike other mods on this list that only change a small element, this mod literally transforms Brawlhalla into a different game. Even if you don’t like Rivals of Aether, this is a great mod for anyone looking to spice things up.

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Rivals of Aether characters in Brawlhalla

The only issue with Rivals of Valhalla is the abundance of cosmetics. Many players might not own all the skins that the mod replaces. Just to name a few, these include Celestial Ragnir, Fangwild Kor, Fox Spirit Yumiko, Darkheart Petra, and Shark Attack Thatch, among many others.

We’ll make sure to update this list with new and better Brawlhalla mods as soon as they arrive. Until then, check out our guides on the game’s ranking system and crossplay status.

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Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games

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