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Are Brawlhalla servers down? Brawlhalla’s current server status update

Multiplayer games require servers to run, and here’s how you can check the server status of Brawlhalla and know when the servers are down.



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Brawlhalla has taken over the fighting genre of gaming with its great combat mechanics and multiplayer gameplay. Here’s everything to know about Brawlhalla’s server status and how to check if the servers are down.

Brawlhalla is a breath of fresh air in the fighting genre with its wide range of Legends and their weapons. The fighting mechanics are unique as well as fast-paced and to be fair, competing against other players is the best way to test them.

Brawlhalla has a ranked multiplayer system and players can improve their rank by winning against other brawlers. Moreover, there’s a chest rotation cycle that gives everyone a chance to buy their favorite skins.

However, Brawlhalla servers must be working properly for players to access any in-game feature. Here’s a guide on Brawlhalla’s server status and how to check it.

Brawlhalla characters fighting

Are Brawlhalla servers down right now?

No, Brawlhalla servers are not down right now and are running perfectly. The community hasn’t reported any major outages since the release of patch 6.10 on August 16, 2022.

Do note that the most common reason behind server outage in Brawlhalla or any multiplayer game for that matter is content updates. To fix bugs and keep their game engaging with new content, the developers constantly release updates.

New updates arrive during the end of seasons and new characters are often added to Brawlhalla with them.

How to check Brawlhalla server status

You can check Brawlhalla server status at websites like DownDecector. It displays any server outages reported in the last 24 hours and whenever you face a server-related issue, you can check if other players in the community are sailing in the same boat.

Moreover, you can join the official Brawlhalla communities on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord as it’s the most reliable method to check the server status. The developers usually post information on upcoming and current server outages and server downtime on these platforms which can help you in preparing.

Brawlhalla characters fighting

If Brawlhalla servers are up and you still can’t get inside the game, make sure that your internet connection is stable and working. For more assistance, you can report the issue to the developers as well.

This was everything to know about the status of servers in Brawlhalla. For more content on the fighting game, check out our tier list of the best Legends and a guide on Brawlhalla’s crossplay status.

Image Credits: Big Mammoth Games