Resident Evil Village showcase round-up: Demo, trailer, gameplay, Resident Evil 4 VR

Andrew Highton
resident evil 8 village lady dimitrescu

Survival-horror fans should be excited as the fascinating Resident Evil Showcase Event revealed new Resident Evil Village gameplay, a new demo, Mercenaries Mode footage, and announced Resident Evil 4 VR.

Fans don’t need to wait much longer until they can get their hand on Resident Evil Village, the eighth major installment in the long-running franchise. A full showcase Event dedicated to the series celebrated its 25th anniversary by giving eager gamers a peek at new Resident Evil happenings.

Resident Evil 8 got a new look thanks to lots of new footage and details. Plus, there was a pleasant surprise when it was announced that the legendary title Resident Evil 4 would be getting a full version captured in authentic VR.

resi 8 village statue

Resident Evil Village new story & gameplay trailer

So many questions have been asked ahead of the game’s much-anticipated release regarding Chris Redfield’s allegiance, Mia and Ethan’s fate, and the Dimitrescus – particularly Lady Dimitrescu.

The 3-minute story and gameplay trailer offers a horrifying glimpse into what players can expect when they dive into this dark and depraved world.

Here is the new trailer for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 4 VR announcement

One of the more shocking moments during the presentation was the reveal that Resident Evil 4’s adventure starring Leon Kennedy would be playable again – this time in VR. It gives credence to the rumor that Resident Evil 9 & a Resident Evil 4 remake were both secretly in development at Capcom.

Virtual Reality did wonders for Resident Evil 7, and it will be so interesting to see how much this genre-defining game will change with the use of VR.

Here’s the official announcement video.

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Resident Evil Village new demo

After Resident Evil 8’s proper unveiling, the game received an exclusive Maiden demo for PS5 owners to enjoy. It gave a brief glimpse into what players had to look forward to, or dread, in the future.

Now, a new demo has been released for fans to enjoy on multiple platforms. The trailer only reveals the dates for the PlayStation’s availability.

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode

There was even extended footage of one of the series’ most popular modes with Mercenaries making a welcome return to Resident Evil 8. Mercenaries focuses on quick-time thinking and blasting as players aim to complete different objectives in a limited amount of time.

Here is the Mercenaries Mode trailer in full.

We can probably still expect some more details to be announced between now and the game’s release date.

Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for the all the latest news and details on Resident Evil Village.

Image credits: Capcom