RAID Shadow Legends codes for free Silver, Energy & more in December 2023

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RAID Shadow Legends is not the toughest game to play out there but who would mind some freebies through redeemable codes? Here’s a list of RAID Shadow Legends codes handing out free Silver, Energy, XP, and a lot more in December 2023.

Gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have risen to prominence lately, but running them on mobile devices could be stressful due to massive size requirements and graphics. This is where low-end but equally entertaining titles like Mythic Heroes, RAID Shadow Legends, and Figure Fantasy come in.

Like most Roblox games, RAID Shadow Legends supports redeemable codes that can save you from grinding for resources. However, you must be quick as the developers often replace the existing codes with new ones.

On that note, here’s a list of all the working RAID Shadow Legends codes and how you can redeem them for freebies in December 2023.

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RAID Shadow Legends codes can instantly grant Silver, XP, and other rewards to players.

All working RAID Shadow Legends codes in December 2023

These RAID: Shadow Legends are working in December 2023 and you can get freebies by redeeming them:

  • UndeadTreat – Free rewards
  • Spooky2023 – Free rewards
  • SUPERPOWERS – Deacon Armstrong, 1 Epic Book, 200,000 Silver, and 24 Magic XP Brews
  • GETDELIANA23 – Deliana, 15x Superior Force Pots, 15x Force Brews, and 30,000 Silver (Code only works in new accounts)
  • MORDECAI – Free Mordecai Champion (Code is exclusively for new accounts and Android devices)
  • LUCKYRAID – Chonoru and 300,000 Silver (Code only works in new accounts)
  • POWERSTARTER – Energy, Talia and Silver (Code only works in new accounts)
  • LADYQUN – Lady Qullen and Silver (Code only works in new accounts on Android & iOS devices)

Do note that some of these codes are exclusively for new accounts and might not work if you’re a veteran.

How to redeem RAID Shadow Legends codes

Follow these steps to redeem RAID Shadow Legends codes and get freebies:

  1. Launch the game and click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Gift Codes. A redemption box should appear.
  3. Enter the code you want to redeem. If it is correct and valid, you should get the corresponding rewards.

To avoid capitalization errors and typos, we recommend copy-pasting the codes directly from the list above.

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Alternatively, you can head to the dedicated code redemption website for the game and follow these steps:

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  1. Go to Plarium’s official website for code redemption.
  2. Enter your Player ID. To find it, launch the game and go to Settings > Info. The Player ID is also displayed on the screen when you load RAID Shadow Legends.
  3. Copy-paste a working code from the list above.
  4. Hit Confirm.
  5. The rewards should now appear in your account.
Official art work for RAID Shadow LegendsPlarium
You can get XP boosts for multiple days by redeeming RAID Shadow Legends codes.

Are there any permanent Raid Shadow Legends codes?

No, all RAID Shadow Legends codes expire after a certain duration because the game is updated frequently. These updates not only add new content but also refresh the codes that grant freebies to players upon redemption.

What are RAID Shadow Legends codes?

RAID Shadow Legends codes are temporary codes released by developers that players can redeem for valuable resources like XP, Energy, Silver, Brew, and more. The only thing to note is that the codes are time-sensitive and case-sensitive, so players must be quick and accurate while redeeming them or they might miss out on the free rewards.

Why can’t I redeem RAID Shadow Legends codes?

RAID Shadow Legends can ban players from redeeming codes if they enter too many invalid/incorrect codes. However, these restrictions are not permanent, and if you can’t redeem codes, try waiting for a few hours and the ban should be lifted.

Hence, make sure that you’re redeeming only the correct and active codes.

RAID Shadow Legends characterPlarium
RAID Shadow Legends is a free-to-play title.

How to find RAID Shadow Legends codes

You can find more RAID Shadow Legends codes on the game’s official social media handles across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Interestingly, the developers time and again release videos, especially on the YouTube channel, that have hidden codes, and the community is expected to solve puzzles to get them.

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RAID Shadow Legends also features in-game events and daily log-in rewards which are two other brilliant sources for freebies.

All expired RAID Shadow Legends codes in December 2023

These RAID Shadow Legends have expired as of December 2023:

  • gullible
  • DragonEgg
  • Demolish
  • Raid22ya2
  • Caribberaid
  • Besthero 
  • drxraid
  • midgame23win
  • PCRAID2022
  • LookBehindYou
  • skeletoncrewforever
  • raidtwitchcon22
  • PlariumPlay3
  • DKskeletoncrew
  • gift1
  • SPOOKY13
  • realhell
  • TGA2021
  • S1MPLE
  • Xmas4u
  • RAID100
  • Raid375
  • Raid652
  • RSL535
  • S6L5E3
  • KH0YTY5
  • JXHK21V
  • EO3C5C9
  • D7LH79T
  • 56SLD
  • 365RAID
  • 235RAID
  • 7WPT7KM
  • 7KITTD7
  • 9XX78YU
  • 90LSLN4

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