Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero tier list 2022 – Best heroes of each type

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Mobile Legends: Adventure official art work featuring heroes

Team building is always perplexing in games with many characters and Mobile Legends: Adventure is no exception. Here’s a tier list of the best heroes for every faction in Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero for you to dominate the meta in 2022.

Mobile Legends: Adventure developers claim it to be a game that can easily fit into your busy schedule. Leveling up is a breeze, the UI supports quick actions, and instead of the grind, your progress largely depends on strategy-building.

Idle RPGs have gained a lot of popularity lately. Alongside MLA, other games in the genre like AFK Arena and Mythic Heroes also boast massive player bases.

Having said that, Mobile Legends: Adventure lets you unlock and upgrade over 100 unique characters. This is great for players who love diversity but at the same time, making a team of just five of these characters is as confusing as it sounds.

To help you clear the most challenging dungeons and battles easily, we’ve come up with this Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list of the best heroes.

Mobile Legends: Adventure gameplay

List of hero types in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Every hero in Mobile Legends: Adventure belongs to one of these seven factions:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Elemental
  • Tech
  • Martial
  • Order
  • Chaos

Knowledge of these factions is a must for team-building. You get bonus effects for pairing certain units and each boss battle will require you to rely on different types of heroes. Hence, our tier list will rank the best heroes of every type.

Best heroes of each type in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Best Elemental heroes in MLA

Elemental heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure have many elemental abilities and are strong against Tech heroes. The best ones include:

SBelerick, Harley, Nimbus Eudora
AEsmeralda, Estes, Hylos, Valir
BBadang, Gord, Bell
CKadita, Cyclops, Eudora, Miya, Aurora

Best Tech heroes in MLA

Tech heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure use their high-tech abilities to create outstanding equipment and can easily outshine Martial heroes. Tech units mainly help in buffing the party members and for best results, use these heroes:

SAngela, Atlas, Mecha Layla
AClaude, Karrie, Lolita, Natan
BLesley, Saber, X.Borg, Alpha, Diggie
CBruno, Jawhead, Layla
Mobile: Legends Adventure official promo art

Best Martial heroes in MLA

Martial heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure excel in dealing physical damage and can be a problem for Elemental opponents To significantly improve your crowd-controlling, use these Martial heroes:

SNimbus Eudora, Irithel, Akai,
AMiracle Clara, Hanabi, Masha, Nana, Bell, Hayabusa
BWanwan, Lapu-Lapu, Zilong, Lancelot,
CBruno, Jawhead, Layla, Yi Sun-Shin, Alucard, Franco, Hilda

Best Light heroes in MLA

Unsurprisingly, Light Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are powerful against Dark Heroes. They can not only buff the party members but also deal decent damage, and we recommend using these Light heroes for the best results:

SOdette, Gatotkaca
AKagura, Silvanna, Uranus, Guinevere, Kimmy, Mecha Layla
BMinsitthar, Fanny, Chang’e, Gusion
CRafaela, Freya, Kaja, Tigreal

Best Dark heroes in MLA

Dark Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure provide tough competition to Light heroes with their crowd-controlling and role-reversal abilities. The best heroes of this type are:

SArgus, Pharsa, Vexana
ALylia, Selena, Alice, Thamuz
BGranger, Moskov, Hanzo, Helcurt
CAldous, Balmond, Bane
Dark character in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Best Order heroes in MLA

Order heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure should be used against Chaos heroes as they can deal massive damage and buff the party members simultaneously. The best heroes in this category are:

SLunox, Oberon
AAmaterasu, Hwang Jini, Tia, Xeno, Hestia, Akashic

Best Chaos heroes in MLA

Chaos heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are quite effective at crowd-controlling and you’d want these heroes to be a part of your team certainly:

SShah Torre, Shar
AAnna, Apostae, Martis
BYu Zhong, Tokinibara
CZhask, Rista

You’ll notice that some heroes have been placed in multiple types. This is because they belong to the unique Hybrid type. Hybrid heroes have abilities of two hero types and they can use them to their advantage during battle.

Team-building screen in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Well, this was our Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list that we’ll keep updating as the in-game meta evolves. For similar content on major mobile games, check out our Blue Archive character tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, and list of the best decks in Clash Royale.

Image Credits: Moonton

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