Leaker claims cut ‘Crash Landing’ feature will return in Battlefield 2021

Andrew Highton
battlefield crash landing plane

A leaked Crash Landing feature that could change how Battlefield 2021’s aerial combat works has been hinted by consistent Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson.

Potential new details on Battlefield 6 are starting to come at us thick and heavy with lots of new information telling us what we can expect with EA’s latest war shooter.

There are already strong rumors that Battlefield 6 will be a day one release on Xbox Game Pass, the game will offer a free-to-play battle royale similar to Warzone, and it may not even have a campaign.

The latest gossip is that DICE’s new Battlefield game is set to resurrect a feature, originally planned for Battlefield V, for Battlefield 2021.

battlefield plane flying explosion

At one point during the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer in 2018, it showed a couple of soldiers making a dramatic crash landing into a literal battlefield.

It seems it was a controlled crash that allowed both of the soldiers inside to escape unharmed and continue on fighting.

battlefield plane crash

A post on a Battlefield 6 subreddit discussed the Crash Landing feature, and it caught the attention of Tom Henderson who tweeted the thread and accompanied it with a bright, green tick.

This could be Tom’s way of saying that he agrees with the premise of the idea, or it could be a sly nod to the fact that Battlefield 2021 will indeed be reintroducing the feature.

He even went as far as confirming the existence of it in the rumored and soon-to-be-revealed Battlefield reveal trailer.

Many players end up flying in Battlefield games, but there’s always the worry that you’ll be gunned down very quickly by the enemy.

But if this crash landing mechanic stays in the game, then it not only makes the thought of using planes more enticing, but it could create some unique and dynamic battle situations.

Image credits: EA

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