Is Brawlhalla crossplay? PC, Xbox, PlayStation & Switch cross-platform status

Brawlhalla characters fighting with a hammer and fire

Brawlhalla was a breath of fresh air in the fighting genre when it arrived in 2014 and is now a part of several platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Here’s how you can use crossplay in Brawlhalla and play with your friends.

Game developers have been actively adding crossplay to their titles since it’s the new normal. This includes Blue Mammoth Games which developed Brawlhalla and released it as a free-to-play fighting title. The game’s popularity has grown significantly in the past few years and it has over 12,000 active players currently.

Here’s everything to know about the current state of crossplay and cross-progression in Brawlhalla.

Three Brawlhalla characters fighting with weapons

Does Brawlhalla support crossplay?

Yes, Brawlhalla supports crossplay which means that players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS can team up and play together.

Having said that, cross-progression is still not available in Brawlhalla. As a result, your progress is restricted to a single platform. The community has been asking for the feature for a long time, but the developers are yet to respond.

Is cross-progression available in Brawlhalla?

Cross-progression is a great feature for users who frequently switch between consoles, mobile, and PC. Moreover, it can encourage players to purchase cosmetics without worrying about their limited usage.

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Allowing cross-progression is not an easy task, but many major titles like Genshin Impact support the feature in 2022.

Some unofficial sources claim that making a Ubisoft account can help you progress in Brawlhalla on different platforms. These claims are false and the game still doesn’t support cross-progression.

Brawlhalla custom game room menu

How to enable crossplay in Brawlhalla

You can enable crossplay in Brawlhalla by following these steps:

  1. One player has to create a custom public/private room.
  2. Share the Room ID with other participants. The ID is displayed in the middle of the screen right above the Custom Online notification.
  3. By entering the correct Room ID, any player can join the room regardless of their platform.

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Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games

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