How to save in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is quite a lengthy game that expects players to hop in and out of Teyvat frequently. Here’s a guide on how to save in Genshin Impact so that you don’t lose any valuable progress.

The amount of content in Genshin Impact has increased drastically since its launch. Within two years, the action RPG has not only gained millions of players, but also a ton of new characters, quests, regions, and events.

It is only natural for travelers to be concerned about their in-game accomplishments and a basic feature like saving ensures that you resume the game from the desired point.

Here’s how saving works in Genshin Impact and how you can save your progress in it.

Genshin Impact character triggering a Pyro attack

Does Genshin Impact auto-save?

Yes, Genshin Impact has an auto-save feature that allows players to start their game right from where they left off. You cannot save the game manually as the live servers do it for you. The feature is available on PC, mobile (Android & iOS), and PlayStation.

Auto-save in Genshin Impact applies to every in-game mechanic including open-world exploration, domains, and quests. If you abruptly quit the game during a quest, you’ll continue with the latest quest goal/interaction when you return. Similarly, you’ll find your character outside a domain if you quit while fighting in it.

Genshin Impact supports auto-save primarily owing to the gacha system that requires players to spend Primogems to unlock new characters and weapons. With the option to manually save progress, it wouldn’t be a surprise if players constantly keep rerolling in the hope of getting better units.

All in all, you won’t ever have to save manually in Genshin Impact. Just make sure that you have the login credentials for your in-game account and your grind will never go to waste.

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