How to get Star Points in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale characters with their Star Level upgrades

Star Points do not provide Clash Royale cards with any competitive advantage but are still fairly popular among players. If you want to unlock the best cosmetic upgrades for your favorite cards, here’s how to get Star Points in Clash Royale.

Free-to-play titles are known for releasing several cosmetics that players can purchase to stand out among others. From Fortnite and Apex Legends to Clash Royale and even Genshin Impact, many F2P games thrive on the expenditure of their communities on cosmetics and in-game items.

Star Points in Clash Royale are a great way to get cosmetic upgrades for your cards for absolutely free. These include a golden effect upon deployment and golden clothing, armor, and weapons, among other things.

On that note, here’s everything to know about Star Points in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale characters in a packed arena

How to earn more Star Points in Clash Royale

You can Star Points in Clash Royale with these methods:

  • Click on the blue Experience bar at the top left corner of the home screen and convert it to Star Points. Thereafter, activities like donations and upgrading cards will hand out Star Points instead of Experience.
  • Purchase cards from the shop that you’ve already maxed out and they’ll be automatically converted to Star Points.
  • Use Trade Tokens to get cards that you’ve already maxed out. Like shop purchases, the additional cards you receive will be converted to Star Points.
  • Frequently check challenges to see if any rewards include cards you’ve maxed out. If yes, try to get these additional cards as they’ll be converted to Star Points.
  • Chests in Clash Royale grant Star Points if you get max-level cards from them. The output depends on the rarity of the card.
    • 1 Star Point for each max-level Common card.
    • 10 Star Points for each max-level Rare card.
    • 100 Star Points for each max-level Epic card.
    • 1000 Star Points for each max-level Legendary card.

Do note that the amount of Star Points you get after receiving max-level cards is the same for chests, shop purchases, challenges, and trade tokens.

Skeletons from Clash Royale dancing

How to upgrade star levels in Clash Royale with Star Points

You can boost the star levels of Clash Royale cards by following these simple steps:

  1. Launch Clash Royale and head to the Cards tab.
  2. If a star-level upgrade will be available for a particular card, you’ll see a green box in front of it that specifies the amount of Star Points required for the upgrade.
  3. Click on the green button and confirm the star level upgrade.

Cards in Clash Royale get star level upgrades at levels 7, 10, and 13. While some cards only have a single star level, others’ star levels can be upgraded three times.

The amount of Star Points required to upgrade star levels of Clash Royale cards are fixed:

Star LevelStar Points requiredCard Level Required

With each star level, your Clash Royale cards will gain unique cosmetic features that can be demonstrated during battle. It is important to reiterate that you won’t get any competitive/combat advantages from this.

Clash Royale character posing mid-air

Well, this was everything to know about collecting and using Star Points in Clash Royale. For more content on mobile games, make sure to check out our coverage of Pokemon Go, Genshin Impact, Brawlhalla, and Roblox.

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