How to get Sparks of Ingenuity in WoW

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In World of Warcraft, you will come across a lot of crafting reagents but none of them are as important as Sparks of Ingenuity. So, here’s how you can get this item without much difficulty.

World of Warcarft features an elaborate crafting system, and to build your own items you will need different types of reagents.

Of all the different reagents in the game, Sparks of Ingenuity are probably the most important that you will find. Some of the most powerful items in World of Warcraft have recipes that require at least one Spark of Ingenuity.

You will initially get a few Sparks by completing a handful of quests in the game itself, but for more copies of this item, you will have to farm different endgame activities.

So how do you get Sparks of Ingenuity in WoW, and how do you farm them?

How to earn Sparks of Ingenuity in World of Warcraft easily

You can get five Sparks of Ingenuity by completing the “In Tyr’s Footsteps” questline in World of Warcraft. This questline has short missions that you need to complete, which revolve around the Engine of Innovation.

The five quests are as follows:

  • First Challenge of Tyr: Finesse
  • Second Challenge of Tyr: Might
  • Third Challenge of Tyr: Persistence
  • Fourth Challenge of Tyr: Resourcefulness
  • Fifth Challenge of Tyr: Ingenuity

While progressing through this questline, you will meet the Maiden of Inspiration, who will tell you about the Engine of Innovation and its creator, Tyr.

Apart from the Sparks of Ingenuity, you will also receive an Essence Detector once you finish the questline.

Maiden of inspiration in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.
The Maiden of Inspiration will accompany you for the duration of this questline.

How to farm Sparks of Ingenuity in WoW

The only way in which you can farm these Sparks of Ingenuity in WoW is by playing through the various endgame activities like raids and dungeons.

While you won’t get these Sparks directly, the Essence Detector will help you find Bottled Essence, that you can convert into Sparks of Ingenuity at the Engine of Innovation.

It’s worth noting that the drop rates for Bottled Essence from endgame activities are pretty low and are expected to be somewhere between 1% and 5% in WoW.

The Engine of Innovation has a 1:1 conversion ratio for Bottled Essence so you won’t lose out on materials during the conversion process.

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