How to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Pile of Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

To get the best Cookie Costumes from the Costume Gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom, you must have Rainbow Cubes. Here’s how to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom for free!

Cookie Run Kingdom offers a ton of free content but at the same time, there’s a gacha system for players to unlock Treasures, Guild Items, and Costumes. Games like Genshin Impact, Blue Archive, and Epic Seven have already demonstrated how hard it can be to get your desired items in a gacha system, and Cookie Run Kingdom is no exception.

Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom are locked behind the Costume Gacha and the currency for this system is Rainbow Cubes. It isn’t a surprise that Rainbow Cubes are one of the rarest in-game items, but this guide will reveal the best methods to get them.

Costumes section in Cookie Run Kingdom

Best ways to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom


A wide range of events in Cookie Run Kingdom can grant you free Rainbow Cubes as a reward for completion. These include New Update events, Seasonal events, and Basic events.

Of course, you’ll have to complete the event-related tasks in order to get Rainbow Cubes. However, many free-to-play players happily accept the in-game grind instead of spending real money.

Mileage shop

The Mileage Shop in Cookie Run Kingdom lets you convert Mileage Points to Rainbow Cubes. You get Mileage Points in the game by pulling Cookies that have already received the highest grade, Soulstones, and Treasures.

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As one Rainbow Cube costs 25 Mileage Points, you’ll have to spend 7,500 MP to perform a single Rainbow Cube pull. This is as bad as it sounds, and we do not recommend that free-to-play players choose this as their primary method to get Rainbow Cubes.

Cookie Run Kingdom official artwork

In-game shop

You can purchase Rainbow Cubes for money in Cookie Run Kingdom. The in-game Shop always has several packages that have Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Electroids, EXP Star Jellies, Aurora items, and other valuables.

Based on your need and financial comfort, you can purchase these packs and get a hefty supply of Rainbow Cubes instantly.

Redeem codes

Last but not least, Cookie Run Kingdom developers occasionally release codes/coupons that you can redeem for Rainbow Cubes. Here’s our frequently updated list of the working Cookie Run Kingdom codes.

Shroomie Shenanigans costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to unlock Costume Gacha to use Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

It is worth noting that the Costume Gacha isn’t unlocked by default in Cookie Run Kingdom and here’s how you can access it:

  1. Complete Lv. 2-13 and the Boutique Quest. If you’re unable to get the quest, make sure that your game is updated and go to the right bar on the main screen.
  2. Once you get to know Mont Blanc through a cutscene, you’ll have to make five Sweet Jelly Jam.
  3. Upgrade your castle and make Sweet Jelly Jam in a level 2 Jammery.
  4. Complete the quest and Mont Blanc will hand out Rainbow Cubes to craft your first Costumes.

What are Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom are alternative outfits for your Cookies. This helps your team stand out in combat and with the most unique Costumes, you can also flex your in-game experience, expertise, or wealth.

While the majority of Costumes are purely cosmetic, owning Costumes belonging to a Costume Set grants certain buffs. These buffs depend on the number of Costumes you own from that set. From the Halloween Commotion to Pink Juice Incident, there are many Costume Sets in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Cookie Costumes that can be unlocked with Rainbow Cubes

Well, this was everything to know about Rainbow Cubes and Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom. For similar content on the hit mobile game, check out how to merge houses, Tropical Soda Island chest locations, and how to get Searing Keys.

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