How to earn free Credits quickly in Marvel Snap

Aakrit Sharma
Credits in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is all about collecting new cards and Credits let you do that. Here’s how you can quickly get free Credits in Marvel Snap and use them to upgrade your favorite cards.

There are many valuable currencies in Marvel Snap and Credits are definitely one of them. They help in upgrading your cards which eventually contributes to your collection level.

Reaching higher collection levels such as Lv. 500 lets you unlock new features like the Token Shop. With these features, you can finally escape the game’s RnG system and directly purchase cards of your choice.

Now that we know about their importance, here’s a guide to collecting Credits for free in Marvel Snap.

Cards in Marvel Snap

Best ways to get free Credits in Marvel Snap

Missions and the Marvel Snap Season Pass

Marvel Snap’s Season Pass hands out Daily and Weekly missions that you can complete for free Credits. While Weekly Missions update every week, Daily Missions update every 6-8 hours.

You can also purchase additional Missions in Marvel Snap with Gold and complete them for Credits. If you have time, this is a more cost-friendly way of getting Credits instead of directly buying them with Gold.

It is worth noting that completing the aforementioned Daily and Weekly missions also increases your Season Pass level. Completing the free Season Pass can help you get 2200 free Credits and upgrading it to Premium will increase this amount even further.

Official art for Marvel Snap season

Collector Cases

You can get Collector Cases as a reward for increasing your Collection Level in Marvel Snap and they can contain free Credits. However, Credits aren’t a guaranteed reward as you can also get new Cards, Gold, and other valuable items.

Ranked mode

Marvel Snap’s Ranked Mode grants rewards, including free Credits, when you reach a new rank. After playing some games, you’ll be placed in the Iron Rank and as expected, winning games increases this rank.

Players who’ve reached rank 80 in a season can get a maximum of 1350 free Credits when it ends. Based on your performance, you can also expect some free Credits at the end of a Marvel Snap season.

Marvel Snap’s In-game store

Interestingly, you can get 50 free Credits daily from the Marvel Snap store. Every 12 hours, you’ll find an option to purchase 50 Credits for 0 Gold.

50 free Credits might seem minimal but if you collect this free reward consistently, you’ll be able to upgrade cards with these Credits in a few weeks.

Token Shop featuring cards in Marvel Snap

Well, this was everything to know about collecting free Credits in Marvel Snaps as quickly as possible. For similar content, you can check out the best Pool 1 deck for Marvel Snap beginners, the best Kingpin decks, and the best Patriot decks.

Image Credits: Nuverse