How many people play Monster Hunter: World? January 2024 player count

Souhardya Choudhury
Monster Hunter: World party combat against a Wyvern

Monster Hunter: World is back to its peak after six years as its player count has been steadily rising since December 2023. Here’s how many people are playing Monster Hunter: World in January 2024.

Monster Hunter: World has been the talk of the RPG community recently as the game has been popping off. Since its release back in 2018, the game has never failed to keep a fair amount of players engaged even after six years since launch, maintaining a decent player count.

However, after Capcom announced Monster Hunter: Wilds during the Game Awards on December 7, 2023, MHW mysteriously gained massive traction worldwide.

While other mainstream multiplayer titles like WarzoneOverwatch, and Diablo 4 enjoying their recent updates and player base, many wonder about Monster Hunter: World’s sudden outburst of popularity.

Here’s how many players have logged into Monster Hunter: World in January 2024.

Monster Hunter: World player count on Steam (January 2024)

According to Steam Charts, there are currently 119,900 players in Monster Hunter: World, with a 24-hour peak of 135,682, as of writing. December 2023 saw a 175% increment in player count from November, and the number has further increased by 26% in January 2024.

Keep in mind that these numbers only depict the amount of PC players using Steam. If we consider the console player base, the figure would be much higher than this.

Although accurately estimating the total number of players across all platforms is complicated, estimated that the entire Monster Hunter series is seeing an average monthly player count of 15,377,797 with a whopping 4,562,079 players logging into the series in a day, across all platforms.

Capcom have been running the Return to World campaign online which has likely been one of the most important factors for this traction after six years. Alongside that, the devs also put the game on sale at its lowest price point ever during the Winter holidays, which also possibly attracted a huge amount of people.

This was everything you had to know about Monster Hunter: World’s player count in January 2024. For more on other popular titles of the year, check out our guides:

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