Helldivers 2 players desperate for useful feature to fix disconnect issues

Aryan Singh
Helldivers 2 character holding a machine gunSony Interactive Entertainment

Network issues have marred what has been a solid public reception for Helldivers 2, and players on Reddit are calling for a feature that could help disconnected players complete missions on their own.

Helldivers 2 is a co-op-focused, third-person shooter that made its way to PS5 and PC recently. Developed by Arrowhead Studios, the game improves upon its 2015 predecessor in every way and even introduces a shift to a third-person gameplay perspective.

It sees players join the Helldivers, an elite peacekeeping force tasked with protecting Super Earth and battling alien creatures on distant planets. Every planet comes with a unique biome and its own environmental hazards, and even the enemies players take on range from vicious bots to massive bugs.

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In terms of weapons, Helldivers can make use of machine guns, RPGs, railguns, and much more. The game also features a variety of Strategems that can be of great assistance during combat. Whether it’s an Orbital Airstrike or a 500kg bomb, it’s on the player to pick a Strategem fit for the mission objective.

Helldivers 2 squadPlayStation
Helldivers 2 can be only be played online.

There’s a lot to like about Helldivers 2 but the game does have some issues with the primary one being online connectivity. Players who jumped into the game on launch day were greeted with various server issues and many were pulled out of missions after disconnecting for no apparent reason.

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While some players were able to rejoin and continue playing, others lost progress and all earned XP from completed objectives. This caused a bit of outrage within the community and a Reddit user has called for the implementation of a feature from games like Warframe to help address the problem.

The suggestion emerged through a post by user ‘OhmRobin,’ who stated, “PLEASE take a page from Warframe’s book, when you are disconnected from a squad it puts you in your own instance of that run instead of losing all progress.” They went on to add, “This way if you’re dc/d, kicked, or whatever more, you can still complete your mission and get to extraction so you don’t waste 30+ mins of your time.”

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The feature in focus would let disconnected players continue the mission without their team and reach extraction. This would ensure that they don’t lose an XP, or fail the mission and be forced to restart it.

Users in the comments agreed with the OP’s suggestion, with one user saying, “Absolutely, this would be a welcome addition. Even just the XP total of what you earned so far. This would stop the jerks that kick when the drop ship is coming in too as a bonus.”

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Others stated that a feature like this is already present in Helldivers 2, “I’ve actually had this happen to me, weirdly enough. I think if you’re the host and you D/C, your squadmates play on in their own instance and you get your own instance.”

There seemed to be plenty of confusion around the outcome of disconnected players, which suggests that the handling of these situations is inconsistent. It remains to be seen how the devs tackle these issues.

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