Genshin Impact players disappointed following Xianyun nerf leaks: “I’m skipping her”

Aakash Regmi
Lumine and Paimon fighting in Genshin Impact

Xianyun is one of the most hyped characters in Genshin Impact as we head into version 4.4. Her kit seemed fairly promising based on beta leaks. Now, though, it appears she won’t be retaining all of her beta kit with the alleged big nerf, and that has left players unhappy.

The doomposting of Genshin Impact‘s upcoming 5-star Xianyun has begun as multiple leakers have alluded to potential nerfs. While any sort of official information won’t arrive until the Special Program live stream, we already know much about Xianyun’s kit in Genshin Impact thanks to leaks.

All we know about Xianyun in Genshin Impact is that she is plunging attack support with the power to enable all characters to do plunging attacks, and a team-wide healer. Now, part of her kit has been nerfed, and players are gasping.

Of course, players being unhappy or hyper-reacting over pre-release “alleged” nerfs isn’t something uncommon, but the important part of the discourse remains her nerfs.

Cloud Retainer is confirmed to be an Anemo unit, and leaks suggest she’ll wield Catalyst.

Genshin Impact leaks suggest Xianyun is getting nerfed

According to leaks, Xianyun will be getting these nerfs in Genshin Impact from the beta:

  • Xianyun will heal only when the active character is plunging. This means one aspect of her kit, i.e., team-wide healing, is no longer viable for characters who are not as effective with plunging attacks.
  • Her Crowd Control ability will also be nerfed, according to leaks.
  • Lastly, her Elemental Burst will not snapshot.

The third nerf isn’t anything significant, but the players think the first two will impact Xianyun’s power, and drastically so. On the Genshin_Impact_Leak subreddit, a user wrote, “It’s joever guys, now the only healing bird from my account will be the good old Sweet Madame.”

Most were baffled, as some part of her kit, like Crowd Control, weren’t that amazing to get nerfed in the first place: “Nerf on pulling ability? Was there even a need for that?” Another user said, “GO GIRL GIVE US NOTHING.” Many claimed they’ll now skip her banner, “Eziest skip, time to wait for 4.6.”

Keep in mind these leaks aren’t always spot on. While the snapshot leak is reliable, as it does come from a generally reliable leaker, the first two could very well be fake and a joke. Either way, we’ll get official confirmation soon.

Until then, check out the build guides for Navia and Xiangling.

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