Genshin Impact leak teases highly-requested endgame mode

Aakash Regmi
Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact doesn’t leave much to bargain for in terms of story content, characters, and overall live content support, but once you’ve wrapped them all up, there is nothing to do with a non-existent endgame. That seems to be changing now, as per a new leak. 

With over 70 characters, a continental-sized map covering five main regions, and more being added with each update, Genshin Impact doesn’t really lack content in terms of sheer amount. But, on the competitive side, many players feel the available content is a little anodyne and doesn’t reward the min-maxing to build a character.

It is something players have been rallying behind for years, and HoYoverse have always been reluctant to address it. Currently, the solitary endgame challenge in Genshin Impact is Spiral Abyss, and players feel it isn’t enough of a challenge to fill the “endgame” void. A leak now provides a slight relief for those looking for challenging content.  

Genshin Impact to add new Spiral Abyss sometime in future

The leak about the new Spiral Abyss for Genshin Impact was first shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Hutao Lover.

The leak only suggests a new version of Spiral Abyss and provides no specifics on when it’ll be added to Genshin Impact. Neither has the leak shared any finer details on what the mode is or what players can expect. It could be an extension to the current Spiral Abyss by adding a floor to the existing 12, or something entirely new but similar to Abyss. 

In other news, HoYoverse once said that they’re not working in endgame mode, citing “anxiety” as a reason. In an interview with GameSpot, a dev said, “If we design another type of permanent endgame that is similar to the Spiral Abyss, it might end up creating excessive anxiety for our players–not everyone is interested in Musk Reef.”

It remains to be seen whether the developers have changed their minds and we’ll be getting a proper endgame mode, or at least a new extension to Spiral Abyss. 

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