Epic Seven reroll guide and top priority characters

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Epic Seven character roster

If you’re a fan of anime series, Epic Seven could be your next favorite game. There are a lot of unique characters, and here’s how you can reroll in Epic Seven to get the best characters on your journey.

From Genshin Impact to Blue Archive, there are several games that offer anime-like graphics and storylines. Even on Roblox, the likes of Shindo Life, Last Pirates, and Nok Piece have gained massive popularity.

Despite the competition, Epic Seven has stood out among anime fans because of its animations. The combat of the game grants unique animations to every character and as promised, you feel like you’re playing an anime.

Just like other gacha games, getting your favorite units in Epic Seven can compel you to reroll, and here’s how to do it.

Epic Seven cut scene

What is rerolling in Epic Seven?

Rerolling in Epic Seven is the process of resetting the in-game server and starting over until you get your favorite units. Basically, gacha games provide players with some free currency to unlock characters at the outset of their journey.

Because Epic Seven has an RNG system, getting the characters you want is never guaranteed. Hence, instead of continuing with the characters they don’t want, players reset their accounts and repeat the process until they’re satisfied with the initial summons.

How to reroll in Epic Seven

Follow these steps to reroll and get your favorite characters in Epic Seven:

  1. Launch Epic Seven and continue with a guest account.
  2. Complete the tutorial and reach stage 1.4. This is where you’ll unlock the summoning window.
  3. From quests, mail, and other in-game rewards, collect as much Skystone as you can. You should have enough currency to roll 30 times.
  4. If you get the desired characters, continue playing and bind the account to save your progress safely. Do so by going to Settings > Account Management and then linking your account to Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  5. If not, open the menu by tapping on the blue icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Open Settings by tapping on the cog icon in the bottom right corner.
  7. Tap on the Reset Server setting. Enter your nickname in the box that appears and Confirm.
  8. Repeat this process until you get the characters you want.
Epic Scene official art work

Which characters are worth rerolling in Epic Seven?

While rerolling in Epic Seven, getting these characters should be your top priority:

5-star characters that are worth rerolling:

  • Destina is a team reviver and can help you in guild wars.
  • Ravi is brilliant for PvP content and you can also clear PvE content with her.
  • Sez is a high DPS unit that you can use for PvE content.
  • Iseria is great in the Abyss and can help you clear PvE content.
Iseria, Ravi, and Desitnia in Epic Seven

4-star characters that are worth rerolling:

  • Angelica is a healer who can work well and replace Destina.
  • Rose is unbelievably good for PvP battles.

These are the characters that you should focus on getting while rerolling in Epic Seven. Having said that, the gacha game provides you with a decent roster for free and you should be able to clear the majority of content with it as well.

This was everything to know about rerolling in Epic Seven. For more content on gacha games, check out Figure Fantasy codes, World Flippr tier list, and Mythic Heroes codes.

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