Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy character tier list: Best characters in 2023

Aakrit Sharma
Art work for Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy is an action RPG based on the anime series Edens Zero. Just like the anime, the game has many interesting characters and this Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy character tier list will reveal the best among them.

Anime-style games like Genshin Impact, Blue Archive, and Epic Seven often include gacha mechanics for players to unlock new in-game characters and items. However, Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy is an exception to this as it is a full-fledged action RPG that is based on the series.

Despite the absence of gacha, Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy has a diverse cast of characters and you can form a team of three characters to clear the game’s content. Every challenge requires different skills and knowledge about the best characters for every situation is a must.

On that note, here’s an Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy tier list revealing the best characters in the game.

Shiki Granbell with other characters from Edens Zero

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy characters ranked

In the table below, we’ve assigned a tier to every character in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy. The ones placed in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the D tier are the weakest.

TierEdens Zero Pocket Galaxy character
SWeisz Steiner, Hermit Mio, Homura Kogetsu, Shiki Granbell
ARebecca Bluegarden, Jinn, Elsie Crimson, Witch Regret, Justice, Valkyrie Yuna
BDrakken Joe, Happy, Justice
CE.M. Pino, Xiaomei, Madame Kurenai
DMosco Versa – O

When you hop into Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy, make sure your team has some characters from the S and A tiers. If you’re still using characters placed in the lower tiers, try to replace them as quickly as possible and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Most powerful characters in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Shiki Granbell

As the protagonist, Shiki Granbell deserves to be the strongest character in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy and he rightfully is. He not only deals massive damage in melee combat with his three-skill combo kit but can also help you control gravity.

Shiki Granbell, the protagonist of Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Homura Kogetsu

Homura Kogetsu, when paired with her Soul Blade gear, becomes one of the most dominant characters in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy. She is a master of blade combat and choosing her for melee challenges is a no-brainer.

Weisz Steiner

Weisz Steiner plays an important part in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy’s storyline and you won’t be disappointed with his combat abilities as well. The Machina Maker gear lets him control surrounding machines and recreate their missing parts.

Well, these are the best characters in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy. For similar content, check out our tier lists for Seven Knight 2, Hero Wars, and Punishing Gray Raven.

Image Credits: KONAMI

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