Apex Legends players call for Respawn to make significant change to Ranked points

Hamza Khalid
Apex players ask for changes to RP

Apex Legends players are frustrated with the current Ranked point system and are asking Respawn Entertainment to enforce rules that keep high-ranked players from farming lower levels.

Apex Legends’ Ranked mode is the perfect competitive playground for serious players in the battle royale. You’ll earn Ranked Points for completing tasks like dealing damage and scoring kills, allowing you to progress to higher levels.

However, some Apex players want Respawn to change the current system, as they believe that it rewards players that only farm lower-ranked players instead of facing players of the same skill level.

Apex Legends ranks

Reddit user PharrowXL highlighted this issue in the Apex Legends subreddit, and presented a solution: don’t give Ranked points for killing lower-ranked players during a match.

“It’s time to discredit KP for Predators vs people below Diamond. That way, Predators have no incentive to farm low ranked lobbies for kills,” they wrote. Others have shared this sentiment throughout Season 9.

The comments were filled with players that agreed with this “If you aren’t allowed to party up with people below your rank why in the world should you be forced into a lobby with them,” said another user.

However, some felt that this change could drive away Predator players since they would get no RP despite risking their own. These users said the problem is with how Respawn designed the system and not with the players.

We might see a change to this system soon enough since Respawn often responds to in-game problems. They recently nerfed Valkyrie after a few players took advantage of her ability to fly extended distances.

We’ll keep checking for updates regarding this and will let you know if the developers announce any solution of their own for the issue of Ranked points in Apex Legends.

Image credits: Respawn