Apex Legends dev reveals plans to remove Low Profile from the game

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends plans to remove low profile

After a recent update that saw the removal of Low Profile for Pathfinder, Respawn Entertainment are now planning to remove the passive from all the legends that possess it.

Low Profile was introduced back in 2019 along with another passive perk for bigger Legends called Fortified. Low Profile essentially increases incoming damage by 5% to balance the advantage of smaller hitboxes, with fortified allowing larger hitboxes to take 15% less incoming damage.

These passive perks have remained in the game since their introduction, however, Low Profile has caused much more controversy than its counterpart.

Removal of Low Profile on Pathfinder

Originally introduced to help balance the more dominant Legends and prevent smaller hitboxes from dominating the game, the complaints about Low Profile began when it was added to Pathfinder. The developers listened to the community and in the most recent Chaos Theory patch, it was removed from Pathfinder’s passive abilities.

This update was well-received, with Pathfinder yet again being a more dominant Legend, however, this provoked the devs into planning this change for all Legends with the Low Profile passive. Developer Daniel Klein said says, “The goal is to remove it from every character in the game eventually,” showing their intentions moving forward.

Wraith mains have been calling for this change since the recent change to her hitbox, increasing it to help balancing. Perhaps, they updated her hitbox with the thought process of eventually removing Low Profile.

Low Profile is still on Wraith

Whatever the case, removing Low Profile would see previously dominant characters like Lifeline and Wraith thrive again, which is great for the game in general. Another character who many players don’t believe should have the Low Profile passive is Wattson.

Wattson is a defensive character, who doesn’t even seem like she has a smaller hitbox. In fact, she seems similar to the likes of Bangalore who is a DPS character with a speed increase passive when people are shooting at her. Wattson has no mobility abilities or passives so it is very odd that she has Low Profile.

Either way, Apex is constantly evolving and with an increasing player base. We’re sure the developers know what they are doing to help balance each Legend.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment