All EA College Football 25 game modes explained

Franco Diaz
Louisiana State University's Mike the Tiger in CF25

EA College Football 25 not only brings back the traditional game modes from the EA NCAA series but also introduces new ones that will keep you playing for hours. With a host of new gameplay features, 134 teams, and over 10,000 players, the upcoming title aims to provide the ultimate experience.

On that note, here are all the game modes you can look forward to in CFB25.

Every EA College Football 25 game mode

  • Dynasty
  • Road to Glory
  • Ultimate Team
  • Road to the College Football Playoff

EA College Football 25 will feature four game modes.

College Football 25 Dynasty mode explained

The Dynasty mode in College Football 25 is all about creating a head coach or coordinator and leading your football program to glory. Dynasty sits alongside Road to Glory as the most popular mode in the series, and for its latest iteration, the devs have pulled out all the stops.

Your journey starts with creating a custom character and selecting one of three Backstories that directly impact your coaching abilities. The choices are:

  • Motivator: This coach archetype boosts your players’ ratings and composure, with the focus being on player development for the long haul.
  • Tactician: If you’re all about the Xs and Os, picking Tactician will let you devise those game-winning plays.
  • Recruiter: As a Recruiter, you’ll have better chances to persuade highly-rated talents to commit to your college.
Backstories in CFB25 Dynasty mode
Backstories dictate the traits your coach specializes in.

These archetypes are essentially like classes in an RPG, and you can upgrade abilities throughout your journey at the helm. While no coach can be a master at everything, these archetypes are flexible so you can specialize in different areas.

Another big aspect of Dynasty is Recruitment. You’ll need to recruit smartly to have the necessary tools for success. Depending on the prestige of your selected college, you’ll have a limited number of hours to scout players, offer them scholarships or pay them a visit, and fend off other programs vying for their signature.

This makes time management an important skill to master, as you can’t afford to waste too much on a potential 5-star player who turns out to be a bust after multiple rounds of scouting.

Aside from all this, you’ll need to put together effective Playbooks and hire the right coaching staff to set your team up for success.

What is Road to Glory in CFB25?

Road to Glory is the traditional player career mode, where you can create your own player and build a legacy at any college of your choice.

Just like the Dynasty mode, Road to Glory begins with a choice between four Journeys. Each Journey sees your player start at a different level, rating, mental abilities, and skill points. Here are all the choices on offer:

  • Elite: 5-star player with 79 OVR Rating
  • Blue Chip: 4-star player with 75 OVR Rating
  • Contributor: 3-star player with 67 OVR Rating
  • Underdog: 2-star player with 60 OVR

Depending on your starting point, you’ll have a different set of colleges looking to recruit you. So, you can effectively make your journey to the top as easy or as difficult as you want.

The core experience sees you live the life of a college athlete. Every week comes with a new agenda and it’s on you to manage your time effectively. While training rigorously is important, you’ll also need to keep an eye on academics to make sure that your GPA doesn’t suffer. All of this is dictated through Energy Points, as you’ll have a limited number of points to spend on activities throughout the week.

Shine during games and keep that GPA up to earn your coach’s trust. Fail the midterms and party off-campus, and you’ll certainly face the consequences. You’ll come across decisions like these throughout your Road to Glory. The choices you make will define your player.

Once you’ve accomplished all your goals, you can choose to retire from college football and move on to the NFL. The devs have even added a feature to let you export your CFB25 player to the upcoming Madden 25, allowing you to continue your journey.

Travis Hunter intercepting in CF25
Live the life of a college athlete in Road to Glory.

College Football 25 Ultimate Team mode explained

EA College Football 25 Ultimate Team allows you to build your dream team using stars and legends from college football. It works in the same way as Madden Ultimate Team or EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Due to a partnership with the NFLPA, the game will also feature active NFL stars like Patrick Mahomes, Davante Adams, Christian McCaffrey, and more.

Ultimate Team players can participate in Solo Challenges or compete in the H2H Seasons against other players. But, if they are looking for a greater challenge, Ultimate Team Champs and Champs Gauntlet will be featured in EA College Football 25, where the most competitive teams will be present.

CF25 pre-snap play
In Ultimate Team, you’ll be able to build your dream team with your favorite college football stars.

What is Road to the College Football Playoff?

Road to the College Football Playoff is a new online competitive mode where you can represent your favorite teams. With the National Championship at stake, you’ll be facing off against other players to get to the playoffs. Expect tough matches against the best CFB25 players in hostile stadiums.

The devs are yet to provide an in-depth look at what this mode has to offer. But, we’ll be sure to update this article once we know more.

Those were all the game modes available in EA College Football 25. If you can’t wait to check out the game, here’s how you can play it early.