EA College Football 25: All new gameplay features & CampusIQ explained

Franco Diaz
Donovan Edwards in EA College Football 25

The new EA Sports College Football 25 title is getting closer, and the devs have released the first Deep Dive highlighting all the new gameplay features. Check out everything you need to know about EA College Football 25 CampusIQ.

EA College Football 25 will end a streak of over 10 years without a college football game on July 18, 2024. The hype around the new EA Sports title grew even more after the devs revealed all the new gameplay features included in EA College Football 25.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new gameplay features and CampusIQ in EA College Football 25.

What is CampusIQ in EA College Football 25?

CampusIQ is the set of new gameplay features in College Football 25. These features aim to elevate the gameplay experience to an unprecedented level of realism.

Check out all the features revealed in the first EA College Football 25 Deep Dive:

  • Wear & Tear
  • Player abilities
  • Homefield advantage
  • Revamped Mechanics

EA College Football 25: Wear & Tear system explained

Wear and Tear was announced as the new progressive player health system in EA College Football 25, where you can prioritize strategic substitutions and diverse play calling to keep players healthy and avoid injuries.

Wear & Tear hub in College Football 25

In EA College Football 25, every hit counts and has a unique effect on a player’s performance, impacting damage and fatigue. On that note, managing Wear and Tear is key both in a single game and over the course of the season.

What are player abilities in EA College Football 25?

In EA College Football 25, player abilities work similarly to the Skills in the Madden franchise or PlayStyles in EA FC 24. Each player in College Football can have up to eight abilities and these can be physical or mental.

EA College Football Player Abilities chart
Player abilities can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum-Tier.

The physical abilities will boost attributes like breaking tackles, jump catches, and more. Meanwhile, mental abilities have a twist as they enhance intangible traits like leadership. This type of skill will help your player stay calm even in tense situations.

EA College Football 25 homefield advantage explained

In EA College Football 25, just like in real life, the home team has the upper hand in games. The visiting team always faces two opponents: the opposing team and the rowdy crowd that chants incessantly.

EA introduced a feature called Stadium Pulse that measures the “temperature of the crowd.” The level of “heat” from the crowd will directly impact the performance of the visiting team, disorienting players with lower composure levels.

Home Advantage illustrated in EA College Football 25

Revamped mechanics in EA College Football 25

Among the revamped mechanics added to EA College Football 25, the unique playbooks and the passing mechanic stand out the most.

In this new title from EA Sports, players will have official playbooks from each college. This means that if you play with the Oklahoma Sooners, you can execute the classic Wide Splits, or if you choose to play with the Air Force Falcons, you can always run the Triple Option play.

Finally, EA Sports seem to have listened to community feedback from Madden 24 regarding the issues with passing mechanics. The developers announced that they have improved passing by adding more control and variation to every dropback.

That’s everything you need to know about the new College Football 25 gameplay features. While you wait for its release on July 19, we recommend preparing yourself by learning some of the basic mechanics of Madden 24, such as hurdles, slides, or lateral passes.