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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Game-breaking Warzone 2 glitch turns players invisible after getting hit by a car

A strange but frustrating Warzone 2 glitch turns players completely invisible after getting hit by a vehicle.



Ghost riding on top of car in Warzone 2

Warzone players have discovered a bizarre but game-breaking glitch where hitting an enemy with a car can turn them completely invisible.

Warzone is certainly no stranger to game-breaking bugs and glitches, where players have gotten inside walls and under the map several times, have become invincible, and every so often, invisible.

Another invisibility glitch has arrived with Warzone 2 and appears to be connected to vehicles, where when you think you’ve killed someone by hitting them with your car, you’ve actually turned them completely invisible.

As shown by YouTuber Geeky Pastimes, after they seemed to hit a player with their car, the body crumpled to the ground as if they were dead but there was no kill indication on the screen. While the dead body flailed around, Geeky Pastimes pushed into the building but was suddenly killed by a player they couldn’t see.

The killcam showed that the player was running around as normal, standing right of the YouTuber as they killed them.

What appears to be happening here is that the car clips the player model on your screen, making the body fall down dead. However, the player is actually still alive and well but you can only see the twitching body on the ground, making them invisible.

Geeky Pastimes explained, “you can see his body contorting like the game knows he should be moving,” and another YouTuber, HADZ, said, “it’s like they should be dead but they’re not and so it breaks the game.”

It’s unclear whether the glitch only affects the player who was driving the car or if the player is invisible to everyone else in the lobby, and it might not happen with every vehicle.

The next major Warzone 2 update will be February 15’s Season 2, but we might see some fixes come in ahead of then, with the devs finally acknowledging the broken Birdseye Perk.

Image Credit: Activision