Where to scan servers at a Surface Hub for Fortnite Week 13 challenges

Liam Mackay
Fortnite servers

Fortnite Season 5’s Week 13 Quests will ask you to scan a server at a Surface Hub, so here’s how to complete the challenge.

For Fortnite Season 5’s Week 13 Quests, you’ll to challenged to “scan a server at a Surface Hub.” For doing this, you’ll be awarded 20,000 XP towards the Battle Pass and unlocking the Enlightened skins.

The challenge is simple when you know how; once you find the server, simply press the interact button and the Quest will be complete. These Surface Hubs are well hidden, so we’ve detailed exactly where you can find them.

Stealthy Stronghold Surface Hub location

The first Service Hub can be found in Stealthy Stronghold.

Just north-east of the large ruins in the middle, you’ll find a smaller ruin. Go inside and there will be a crack on the floor which you can drop down to access the Surface Hub below.

Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold server location

Keep going until you reach the bottom floor and beside the elevators there will be a small room with two servers inside.

Hunters Haven Surface Hub location

There is another of these Surface Hubs underneath Hunters Haven. Head to the south-west of the POI and you’ll find a small building with a gold insignia above the door.

Fortnite Hunters Haven Surface Hub location

Go inside and follow the stairs down to the Surface Hub. Once you reach the bottom of these stairs, follow the next set you encounter. The server will be found on this upper level of the Hub.

Colossal Coliseum Surface Hub location

The final Surface Hub can be found underneath Colossal Coliseum.

Enter the south-side of the coliseum, then head down to the bottom level. Smash through the gate to the south and you’ll find stairs going down to the Surface Hub.

Fortnite Colossal Coliseum server location

On your way down the stairs, you’ll find a vent so head through it until you emerge on the other side. The door to the server room will be there as you come out of the vent.

Expect these Surface Hubs to be busy once the challenges go live, so it might be better to visit them later in the game once the initial chaos has passed. And remember, you only need to visit one to complete this Fortnite Week 13 Quest.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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