Where to find an Ascender in Fortnite

Hamza Khalid
Fortnite Ascender

One of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 Resistance Quests tasks you with finding an Ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern, so we’ll go over the locations.

There are brand-new Resistance Quests that you can tackle alongside weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, and completing them will grant you bonus XP to level up fast.

One of the Week 3 Resistance Quests requires you to use an Ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern. We’ll go over how you can find an Ascender and get this done quickly.

Fortnite Ascender location at Chonker’s Speedway

The Ascender location at Chonker's Speedway in Fortnite

An Ascender is a vertical zipline that you can use to climb up and down hills or IO Blimps in Fortnite. You can find one at Chonker’s Speedway, on the rock formation on the northwest side of the racecourse.

You can complete this Quest by simply approaching the Ascender wire and pressing the interact button to zip up or down the rock formation. Alternatively, you can choose to visit another location.

Fortnite Ascender location at Covert Cavern

The Ascender location at Covert Cavern in Fortnite

This challenge can also be completed at Covert Cavern, and you’ll find the Ascender underneath the middle of the IO Blimp that’s floating in the area. Simply head underneath it until you spot the zipline.

Once you’ve found it, you can use it to zip up to the IO Blimp, and that will complete this challenge. Doing this will reward you with 20,000 XP that will help you progress through the Season 2 Battle Pass.

However, you may run into enemy players when attempting this Resistance Quest, so we recommend collecting some extra shield potions and equipping Exotic or Mythic weapons beforehand.

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Image Credit: Epic Games