Where to “dig at the top of” in Fortnite: Encrypted Cipher Quest Stage 4 solution

Joseph Pascoulis
fortnite shattered slabs poi

Fortnite’s Encrypted Cipher Quests are causing trouble for players, as they are left to figure out how to complete the task by themselves with little to no help. For those struggling with the “dig at the top of” stage 4 Quest, here’s the solution.

As Fortnite players close in on Chapter 4 Season 2, Epic Games have released a bunch of Encrypted Cipher Quests that provide little information on how to complete them. Players must figure out the solutions with small clues, with a stage dropping each day.

Stage 4’s Encrypted Cipher Quest requires players to “Dig at the top of” an unknown location. For those struggling with this Encrypted Cipher Quest, here’s the solution for you.

Fortnite stage 4 Encrypted Cipher Quest solution

Fortnite players will need to dig at the top of the Shattered Slab POI. On the west side of this POI, you’ll find a chest and some barrels of Slurp on the top level of the quarry.

You’ll also see a glowing white spot on the ground with an exclamation mark which is exactly where the player will need to dig.

We’ve marked the location of where you need to dig for stage 4 of the Encrypted Cipher Quest.

Simply walk up to this glowing mud mound and dig with your Pixaxe to complete the stage 4 Encrypted Cipher Quest.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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