Leaked Fortnite Gas Flopper gives players a strange effect

Hamza Khalid
Gas Flopper in Fortnite

Fortnite data miners have gone through the game files of the 15.40 update and uncovered a brand new Flopper coming to the battle royale – The Gas Flopper. This fish has an interesting effect on players.

Fortnite’s recent 15.40 update brought a few changes to the battle royale, including voice lines that point towards new event, and some new game files for data miners to sift through. Now, a new leak has revealed another upcoming addition to the game.

The leakers have uncovered a brand new Flopper that should be arriving to Fortnite Island soon. This new type of fish is known as the Gas Flopper, and has some interesting in-game effects on the players who use it.

Gas Flopper in Fortnite

New Gas Flopper leaked in Fortnite

This leak came from reliable Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, who reached the conclusion that using the Gas Flopper will leave a visible trail behind you. It’s not clear at the moment exactly what effect this will have.

It might function similarly to the Hop Flopper, and this new fish could be replacing the Snowy Flopper. It’s also possible that the trail it leaves behind has no real effect at all.

Regardless, it seems like the Gas Flopper will make the user look like they’re farting after they use it, which is hilarious in a immature way. iFireMonkey wrote: “Did Epic really make a flopper that gives you diarrhea?”

This Gas Flopper might become part of the battle royale’s loot pool within the next few weeks, or when Fortnite Season 6 launches on March 15. At the moment, there’s no confirmation about when exactly we should expect to see it.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that these are still just leaks, and none of this has been verified by Epic Games as of yet. Once this Flopper makes it way to Fortnite, we’ll let you know.

Image Credits: Epic Games / iTankid

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