How to visit Ghost and Shadow ruins for Fortnite Week 11 Quests

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How to visit Ghost and Shadow ruins in Fortnite Season 6

The next set of Weekly Quests for Fortnite Season 6 have been revealed early, and one of them requires you to visit Ghost and Shadow ruins. Here’s where you can find them on the Island.

With the final major update for Fortnite Season 6 finally underway, there are new weekly challenges to complete in Week 11. These will help you progress through the Battle Pass before Season 7 goes live  on June 7.

One of the Epic Quests requires you to visit the Fortnite Ghost and Shadow ruins on the Island. These were two factions that were introduced early on in Chapter 2, and here’s how you can visit the locations on the map.

Sharky Shell POI in Fortnite

Where to visit Ghost ruins in Fortnite Season 6

Both of these factions became harder to come across as the past few seasons progressed. They were replaced with the IO Guards and then nearly removed from Fortnite, but you can still find some of their old strongholds.

You can visit Ghost ruins at the Sharky Shell POI in the northwest corner of the Island. You’ll find the Ghost logo in the center of the area, so land there after jumping from the Battle Bus.

Once you’ve made it there, you’ll have completed the first part of the challenge. We’ve made things a bit easier by marking this location on the map below.

Where To Visit Ghost ruins In Fortnite

Where to find Shadow Ruins in Fortnite Season 6

The ruins of the Shadow base are more hidden, so you might face some difficulty in finding them. Make your way towards a small cove on the east coast of the map, right between Retail Row and Dirty Docks.

The entrance to the former Shadow base can be found at the Brutus’ Basin POI and is marked by a Ghost logo marked at the entrance. Once you visit it, you’ll have successfully completed this Epic Quest.

You can take a look at this location on the map below.

Where To Visit Shadow Ruins In Fortnite

That covers everything you need to do in this Epic Quest. As always, there’s also a Legendary Quest to complete in Week 11, and that will require you to deal 7500 damage with the recently un-vaulted Dual Pistols.

With Fortnite Season 7 almost here, be sure to try out these weekly challenges along with the new Foreshadowing quests before Season 6 comes to an end.

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