How to unlock the Mythic Primal Shotgun in Fortnite Season 6

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New Mythic Shotgun in Fortnite

A ton of map changes, and new challenges, came to Fortnite after Chapter 2, Season 6 finally went live. You can get yourself the Mythic Primal Shotgun by completing one boss fight, and here’s how.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 has finally arrived, and the v16.00 update has brought a brand new Battle Pass for us to progress through. There are also a few map changes to Fortnite Island, and new challenges to tackle.

One of these requires you to take down the Spire Assassin, and successful completion of this will earn you the Mythic Primal Shotgun.

Here’s how you can get this done quickly and easily.

Fortnite season 6 Guardian of the Spire

How to defeat the Spire Assassin in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun can fires two shells simultaneously, and is capable of dishing out 40 to 70 damage. You can use it to cause some serious pain to your opponents after unlocking it.

Before you can take down the Spire Assassin, you’ll have to find them. This shouldn’t prove too difficult, as the NPC usually hangs at the map’s central Spire, so just climb all the way up to battle them.

We’ve made things a bit easier by marking the location of this NPC on the map below:

Spire Assassin map location in Fortnite

Once you come face to face with the NPC, here’s how you can defeat them:

  1. Jump from the Battle Bus and land right in the center of The Spire.
  2. Climb all the way up until the Spire Assassin spawns.
  3. Avoid their stealth-based attacks by kiting backwards from them, and keep your distance from their shotgun
  4. Land in some hits in-between dodging until the Spire Assassin is eliminated.

After they’ve been taken down, you can loot the Mythic Primal Shotgun, also known as the “Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun.”

This gold-tinted weapon is incredibly destructive at close and medium range due to its impressive rate of fire, and you can use it to take down your opponents fairly easily.

Epic Games have confirmed some more upcoming items in Fortnite Season 6, and this probably includes more weapons. As soon as these become available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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