How to teleport using Fortnite’s Mandalorian sniper

Liam Mackay

Fortnite Season 5 includes a crossover with Disney+’s The Mandalorian, and streamer SypherPK has discovered a clever trick to teleport with the Mandalorian’s Mythic sniper rifle.

In Fortnite Chapter 2’s fifth season, Jonesy has recruited hunters from around the universe to protect the Zero Point.

One of these happens to be fan-favorite character The Mandalorian, who you can either play as or find on the map. If you defeat him, you can claim his Mythic Amban Sniper Rifle and Jetpack. You can follow our guide on how to beat the Mandalorian and claim his Mythic gear.

Since Fortnite’s launch, streamer and YouTuber SypherPK has been uploading extremely popular ‘educational commentaries.’ In these videos, he plays the game and narrates his gameplay with his thought processes to teach viewers new tricks and strategies.

In his most recent educational video, Sypher shows us how to teleport with the new Mandalorian sniper.

How to teleport

As Fortnite has progressed and the average player’s skill has increased, ‘box fights’ have become more common. Players will be inside their own box and fight to gain control of the wall separating the players or try to enter the enemy’s box for a quick kill.

This Mythic rifle is unique because it doubles up as both a gun and a melee weapon. When you use the Mandalorian sniper’s melee function, it will boost you forward for the attack.

SypherPK discovered that if you push up to an enemy’s damaged wall and use the melee attack feature, you will ‘teleport’ through the wall. This is especially useful in box fights, as you will teleport to the back of their box. They won’t expect this move, which can lead to an easy kill on an unsuspecting enemy.

He also demonstrated how you can use the weapon’s melee ability to move faster. Spamming melee with the Amban sniper rifle will continuously boost you forward faster than running.

There are also crystals in the desert area of the map which increase mobility, so Sypher recommends you “combine the crystal and melee for insane movement.”

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