How to earn free Fortnite cosmetics in the Winter Trials event

Andrew Highton
fortnite winter trials event

Some free cosmetic items are coming to Fortnite, thanks to an accidental leak from Epic Games. They are part of the Winter Trials event, and we know how you can unlock them.

A website advertising Fortnite’s new Winter Trials event has apparently been released a bit too early by Epic Games and has since been removed.

But fans were able to capture evidence of the website’s information before it was taken down. The Fortnite Winter Trials webpage mentioned rewards, tournaments, and various other activities for players to look forward to.

winter trials rewards in fortnite

Fortnite Winter Trials event cosmetics

More often than not, leaks are usually discovered through vigorous datamining of game files. But this information was discovered innocently, and the usual Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, was able to take note of all the information before it was taken down.

Some of the information is still a bit unknown at the moment. However, the main image from the website seems to point towards daily login bonuses for players to earn for simply playing the game. The free cosmetics appear to be basic aesthetically-pleasing items like sprays and emotes.

Once the official website goes live, we should be able to get an idea of the bigger picture. Who knows, it could be a dedicated loyalty system that rewards players with V-Bucks or costumes for maintaining their playtime.

fortnite winter trials event

The main image is also accompanied by two interesting details that suggest that Epic Games want a bit more community involvement.

Underneath the advertised free rewards, two captions say “Vote for a challenge” and “Support a team.”

Vote for a challenge is indeed community-based, and will require people to destroy stuff, avoid using certain guns and other gameplay challenges.

Support a Team appears to focus more on real-life Fornite content creators and influencers. So players can choose to support their favorite personalities in the game for rewards.

Once Epic Games launches the website officially, we should be able to cast some more light on the Winter Trials event.

Image credits: Epic Games