Halo x Fortnite Limited-Time Modes leaked by dataminer

Nicholas Sakadelis

Leakers have found more Halo-themed files while data-mining Fortnite, seemingly confirming that Master Chief will receive his own Limited-Time Mode inside the game.

Microsoft and Epic Games appear to be partnering up for a limited-time event for Fortnite. Season 4 saw the addition of Marvel characters, and while Season 5 kicked off with Disney’s The Mandalorian, it seems we’re heading to the realm of Master Chief next.

These rumors stem from a series of tweets from the “FNBR Unreleased” Twitter account, which posted an image of Halo’s Blood Gulch map, claiming that it’s coming soon to Fortnite.

If true, Fortnite players will get the opportunity to experience the most iconic map of the early Halo games.

Apparently, the map will come alongside a limited time “capture the flag” mode, modeled after Halo’s signature competitive game mode. If true, Blood Gulch will be a perfect fit for the Fortnite gameplay, with lots of open spaces to build (and rocks to farm materials).

Halo’s Blood Gulch has been one of the most memorable first-person shooter maps to exist, so seeing it in a more modern third-person shooter is an interesting way to put a twist on an old classic.

For older gamers, this will easily be one of the best LTM’s ever added to the game, and for newer gamers this will be a “blast from the past” that they never got to experience.

When will the event release?

According to the FNBR Unreleased Twitter, the limited time event will drop with the 15.10 update, which is slated to release next week.

Dataminers have already discovered Halo-themed cosmetics, which are likely to release alongside the LTM.

Of course with any datamined content, this is all just rumors for now. There is no finite way to know for sure when this event will release or even if it’s guaranteed. For now though, the leaks and rumors look promising.

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