Fortnite Season 6 teasers hint at Black Drum shotgun

Andrew Highton
fortnite season 6 black drum shotgun

The latest teaser for Fornite Season 6 appears to suggest that the Black Drum shotgun from the game’s Save The World mode could very well be on its way, as well as a new axe.

One of the great mysteries in Fortnite right now is wondering what Epic Games has up their sleeve as we head towards Chapter 2, Season 6. The battle royale’s fifth season has been something truly special as it’s managed to acquire many noteworthy film and video game stars.

However, the time to dwell is nearly over as Fortnite Season 6 is gearing up for its release date. To get enthusiastic battle royalers excited, a new teaser has been released that reveals information about the game’s lore. With closer inspection, it seems that there could be more than players bargained for.

fortnite season 6 jones

All throughout Season 5, we’ve heard multiple Reality Logs from the game’s central character Agent Jones and it appears now that he’s beginning to crack, and time is too.

The Zero Point has been the central storytelling mechanic of Season 5 as it has caused a disruption in the game’s world, allowing for figures such as The Terminator and Master Chief to crossover. The new teaser trailer suggests that all hope is lost, and also gives a cheeky nod to upcoming content.

Dedicated fans have been able to discover several obscure images in the trailer and have managed to figure out what they might mean.

With some careful analysis and knowledge, Fortnite dataminer Twea has been able to determine that the Black Drum shotgun from the Save The World mode is on its way.

Here are the stats for it:

  • Ammo: “Shells ‘n’ Slugs”
  • Reload Time: 2.8 seconds
  • Magazine Size: 10
  • Damage to Player: 15.7
  • Info: “Drum Shotgun that fires Shells in 2 round bursts.”

Given that Save The World revolves around gunning down A.I monsters, the stats of the gun may be adjusted for competitive online use.

Furthermore, an updated version of an old axe seems to be on the way too. Another image shows what appears to be an updated version of the Brood Slicer.

Epic does like to tease a lot when it comes to Fortnite, and these are the kind of clues they like to leave for fans to figure out and speculate about.

It’s highly likely that we’ll see both of these new weapons in Season 6 and the interdimensional troubles being caused by the Zero Point are set to culminate in an exciting live finale event to signal the end of Season 5.

Fortnite Season 6 is expected to begin on March 16th.

Image credits: Epic games

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