Fortnite players demand Epic to revert “useless” Chapter 5 QoL change

Max Candelarezi
Fortnite in-game lockerEpic Games

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 brought several updates to the game including some UI improvements, however, players noticed that Epic Games introduced a QoL change which alters the UI appearance and prompted them to beg devs to revert this change.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is currently underway, bringing a lot of content, such as exciting Battle Pass skins and a fresh map, as well as several gameplay and UI improvements. However, players have recognized a significant issue within the game.

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Following the launch of the new Chapter, players noticed a slight alteration to the Fortnite locker, where skins and cosmetic items are stored. This seemingly minor adjustment has sparked significant dissatisfaction among the community, as many believe it hinders the ease of recognizing content.

Under the ‘game suggestion’ category, user PlushtrapMyBeloved stated in a Reddit post: “Removing the special backgrounds for the special rarity skins should be a crime. They need revert the locker changes, this is garbage.”

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In the post, the user shared two images: one after Chapter 5’s modification, and the other showing how the Fortnite locker looked in the previous chapters, each skin displaying the rarity with a background of the corresponding color.

“I actually hate not seeing the special backgrounds they had it made them look awesome!” said another user in the replies. “And it actually made sense when sorting by Rarity, which is completely useless now,” a user pointed out.

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“WE NEED TO CONVINCE EPIC TO REVERT THIS NEW LOCKER, IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE BEFORE” desperately expressed another player. “Seriously, the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy would do them wonders,” another user added.

While it remains uncertain whether the Fortnite devs intend to revert this change, players stand to gain from this significant change as it drastically improves the experience making it easier to locate their favorite skins in the game.

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