Fortnite New Year’s Eve 2021 event has been leaked

Hamza Khalid

Epic Games has something special planned for the New Year’s event that will take place in Fortnite. Now some leaks on Reddit and Twitter have given us a closer look at what players can expect to see at the start of 2021.

We’ve seen a plethora of new content arrive to Fortnite as Chapter 2, Season 5 goes on. There are brand new exotic weapons, cosmetics, and crossovers with other franchises. The Operation Snowdown holiday event is ongoing until January 5.

With the year coming to a close, Epic Games is also planning an in-game New Year’s event that will wrap up 2020 in spectacular fashion. Now some new leaks on Twitter and Reddit have revealed what we can expect from the upcoming event.

This leak came from Reddit user ‘u/DrpyCatty’ who made a post in the FortniteLeaks subreddit. In the thread, the player highlighted the many holiday themed decorations and effects that we will see the servers switch over to 2021.

There are colored spotlights shining up from the floor, along with fireworks. The clip also shows a glowing ball of light which follows the fireworks in the sky. You can see this all in the posted clip below:

More footage came in the form of a tweet from content creator ‘InTheShadeYT.’ He posted a short clip that gives us a closer look at the large rift in the sky. The glowing orb bears close resemblance to the Disco ball drop from the 2020 New Year’s event.

It’s clear that this year’s event will not be that different from last year. A few fans have found issue with the similarities, and wish that Epic Games had planned something more creative. While others are content with what they got, since they already enjoy this theme.

The event will begin as each time zone crosses into 2021. It’s commendable that Epic Games wants to end this year with bang by giving players something fun to celebrate. They might a have a few surprises that have yet to be revealed.

Make sure that you’re in-game before midnight if you want to join the celebration. Hopefully the coming year will bring much more exciting new content to the world of Fortnite.

Image Credits: Epic Games