Fortnite leak points to the addition of a female Midas skin

Nicholas Sakadelis

A new leak regarding the popular Midas skin in Fortnite points to the addition of a female variant.

The addition of a female Midas skin seems to be a popular rumor circulating among fans, and now we have a bit of data-mined evidence to further back up the claims.

Previously, we only had a secret loading screen pointing to her addition, but now popular Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR on Twitter has some information from the files.

Shiina states that in the code there’s an NPC, codenamed “CatBurglar.” It may just be the normal Midas character, but there’s no mention of whether the skin is Male or Female, further adding to the mystery.

To back up ShinnaBR’s findings, another data miner, HYPEX, found the same skin alongside two other ones codenamed “Labrador” and “Umami.”

It’s very possible this could mean that the Shadow Midas NPC from Fortnitemares could make a return to the game, or it could also mean female Midas could be an in-game NPC, just like Shadow Midas.

Additionally, due to the demand and popularity of the skin, we could see it bundled in the next month of the Fortnite Crew pack, exclusive to subscribers of the service.

Regardless of how the skin is available, we can safely assume that it will be out by the end of Season 5. Now all that’s left to do is wait with our fingers crossed that she’ll be available soon.

Image Credits: Epic Games