Fortnite 16.30 Update patch notes: Unstable Bow & crafting changes

Liam Mackay
Fortnite 1630 patch notes

Fortnite players have received welcome quality of life improvements and a new Exotic bow with the 16.30 update, which is now live for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch players.

Fortnite Season 6’s fourth major update has now gone live, which has added a new Exotic Bow, as well as some long-requested quality of life improvements to crafting and weapons. There will also be a new LTM, and Primal and Makeshift weapons have finally been added to Creative.

Here’s everything that’s changed and been added in Fortnite’s 16.30 Update.

Fortnite 16.30 Update patch notes

Unstable Bow

Following on with Fortnite Season 6’s Primal theme, another new Exotic weapon has been added to the game: the Unstable Bow.

This bow is described in-game as a “Bow that fires…. something!” The Unstable Bow will randomly shoot out a Fire Arrow, Shockwave Arrow, Grenades Arrow, or Stink Arrow.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

According to popular leaker HYPEX, Star Wars’ E-11 Blaster Rifle has been added to the game in the 16.30 update. This was previously only wielded by The Mandalorian NPC and couldn’t be used by players, but with Star Wars Day happening on May 4, perhaps Epic Games have another crossover in mind.

Inventory Quality of Life improvements

Fortnite primal weapon crafting

Epic Games have changed how crafting works following the 16.30 update. Before, you would have to bring up the menus and manually select the item or weapon you wish to craft. This was a lengthy process, especially mid-fight.

Following the 16.30 update, players can now “hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in-hand to jump right to the Crafting tab and hit Accept.”

Fans have also been irritated by weapons stats, such as fire rate and damage, being displayed as bars instead of an exact number. This update has added back those values as numbers.

The Floor Restores LTM

A new LTM will be arriving at the weekend beginning April 30: The Floor Restores. This mode is set to be the opposite of The Floor is Lava, as Epic only gave a short description, advising players to “Stay low, stay safe.”

Fortnite floor is lava

Bug fixes

Epic Games haven’t released their official list of bug fixes yet, but a look at their official Trello board gives us an idea of what is scheduled to be fixed in this update.

Here are the bug fixes scheduled for the 16.30 Update:

Battle Royale

  • Players receiving a Quest from Jonesy The First that does not grant rewards.
  • Storm visual effects appearing outside of the Storm.


  • “Recent Islands” list does not update.
  • Flag does not respawn when flag carrier leaves game.
  • “Allow Spectate Other Teams” setting not working.

Save The World

  • The “Bad Clams” / “Destroy Fungus” quest in Scurvy Shoals have a low spawn objective rate.

Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite Wiki