Best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars codes in 2023

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Fortnite has a Creative mode that lets you recreate tons of scenarios from the game and participate in action-packed box fights as well as zone wars before fighting real challengers in the Battle Royale mode. So, here’s a list of the best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars maps.

Fortnite Creative has a variety of maps like Hide and Seek and Edit Courses, amongst which lie some warm-up maps that pros use to practice before jumping into Battle Royale pubs or Arena matches.

Box Fights and Zone Wars became a warm-up tradition for every sweaty Fortnite player ever since the pros started using those maps in Creative. Map creators since then have made hundreds of such maps that you can use for a good warm-up session before they set out to bag that Victory Royale.

Here’s a list of the best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars maps that are in Creative right now.

Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars map codes in 2023

Enigma’s GALAXY 1v1 Arena

Enigma Box Fights Map in FortniteFortnite Creative maps are the best warm-up for pros and players alike.

Code: 8157-0341-1605

This Box Fight map is considered to be one of the most popular 1v1 maps amongst pros. Enigma’s Galaxy 1v1 Arena has several environment colors to choose from so players can select the arena they want to play in.

Moreover, this map also gives you features like unlimited ammo, materials, and a set max height limit so you don’t end up breaking the core mechanics. It is a great warm-up map for those who are pros as well as amateurs at the game.

COMBAT One Shot Boxfight EDIT ONLY

Combat One Shot Boxfight map in FortniteFortnite courses can provide unique conditions to make the challenge hard.

Code: 9437-3777-2439

Smurff’s One Shot Boxfight has become an absolute hit amongst the Fortnite community as it grants each player only one health unit and a hunting rifle, to begin with. Players are also allowed to edit any builds that come their way as they aren’t allowed to break them.

This map tests the editing and one-shot skills of a Fortnite player and helps you improve your accuracy and piece control over your opponents’ builds.

Clix Box Fights

Clix Box Fights Map in FortniteBox fights are common during 1v1s in Fortnite.

Code: 7620-0771-9529

The hottest Fortnite map out there when it comes to box fights is created by Pandvil exclusively for Clix to warm up in. This Box Fight map is based around a compact indoor arena where players have a height limit of a maximum of two stories of builds where they need to battle it out.

Pros ranging from Clix, Bugha, SypherPK, etc. use this map to warm up before dropping into Battle Royale matches as it helps them to think and act quickly as well as teaches them how to build and one-shot their opponents in a compact zone.

First Person Box Fights

First Person Box Fights map in FortniteWinning box fights require you to master building, editing, and piece control.

Code: 4392-1871-9556

This map is one of its kind amongst all Box Fight maps as it sets the FOV of the player to a First Person View. This means that you will only be able to see the builds and your opponent all zoomed in, in front of you.

Moreover, you won’t be able to look at your weapon or pickaxe as the wide FOV doesn’t allow you to do so. Also, you would need to open your build menu to edit in this mode as pre-edits and quick edits are disabled.

Piece Control Boxfights

Piece Control Boxfights in FortniteYou can improve your reflexes through Box Fight maps on Fortnite Creative.

Code: 9498-4133-5873

Trying to master your piece control in Fortnite? Then this is the map that can help you the next time you get into a Box Fight.

Piece Control Box Fights was created by Paperly, a famous map creator, and takes players through several piece control courses that can be used to master their OG skills in Box Fights. Pros usually rely on these maps to edit quickly and take over their opponents’ builds.

Finest’s 2v2/1v1 Zone Wars

Finest's Zone Wars Map in FortniteZone Wars maps are quite popular among Fortnite players and pros.

Code: 3897-3964-9440

Finest is one of the best map creators in Fortnite for creating 1v1 and warm-up maps that pros rely on. His Zone Wars map allows 2 players at max to go against each other while the storm closes in rapidly.

Players can only choose one type of weapon between an AR, SMG, or a Shotgun to begin with and have the option to choose teams in the beginning. So the next time you want to warm up like a pro in Zone Wars, then Finest’s map could be the one for you.

Lukky’s Solo Endgame

Lukky's Solo Endgame map in FortniteYou can improve skills like aim, building, editing, and piece control in Fortnite Creative maps.

Code: 9531-2302-6678

This map is set on a Realistic 1v1 map and allows a maximum of 40 players to go against each other in this Endgame Zone Wars map. Fall damage is enabled and players start on a hillside where they need to build against each other and survive the storm.

Moreover, Supply Drops are enabled which grants players more ammo, materials, and consumables so they can outlive the storm and defeat their opponents all stacked up. The next time you want a taste of what the end zone feels like, rely on this map to give you that thrill.

Tilted Zone Wars (XA)(No Building)

Tilted No Build Zone Wars map in FortniteYou can recreate old Fortnite POIs through Creative.

Code: 3012-4666-8757

Want a Zero Build warm-up in the style of Zone Wars in Creative mode? Look no further than this amazing No Build map that is based around Tilted Towers.

With a wide range of weapons, bouncers, and launch pads placed around the buildings, use your aiming and parkour skills to hop across builds and eliminate your opponents. Moreover, players can use the Jules Glider Gun with infinite shots to prevent themselves from Fall damage.

Late Game 2.0

Late Game 2.0 map in FortniteFortnite Creative lets players make their own game modes.

Code: 5140-0869-3250

If you’re a fan of the Late Game Arena mode in Competitive, then this is the map for you to grind your skills on. Late Game 2.0 brings the same thrill of Arena and Competitive modes into your warm-up in this brilliant map by Cold.JP.

Players drop in on an island where the storm is constantly closing in from the get-go and you will need to use all your skills when it comes to building, editing, or combat to survive. This is a great map to warm up right before tournaments.

Desert Zone Wars

Desert Zone Wars Map in FortniteNew players should definitely practice box fights in Creative maps.

Code: 9700-3224-6429

Desert Zone Wars is probably the most played Zone Wars map that exists in Fortnite and is still a timeless classic. You will begin in an underground chamber with a stack of weapons in front of you and you’ll need to use the bouncers to surface up to the desert area.

From then, you can battle it out against your opponents in the Wild West style using your building and combat skills as quickly as you can. Most amateur players and those who are new to the concept of Zone Wars use this map to learn the ways of the game.


The Box PvP arena for plas to practice and fight in.
Box PvP is a free-for-all map for practice.

Code: 0222-4345-0827

Box PvP is a simple island or map for Fortnite that traps tons of players within a box-like area and forces them to engage each other in combat. The game mode featured in this map is free for fall, so once you’re in, it’s every player for themselves. This makes the island great for practicing encounters against multiple players, which can happen a lot in Fortnite matches.


Some guns, a Slurpfish and Shield Potion on the cover of Box Fights.
Box Fights has several variants, like 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4.

Code: 6562-8953-6567

Pandvil’s Box Fight is a series of maps by player and creator pandvil, which puts you in tight-knit combat situations as a solo player or on teams of various sizes. This particular map deals with 4v4 PvP encounters to help you practice situations where you’re fighting another full squad with all four members of your team alive. Other maps in this series include 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 encounters.

That’s everything to know about the current best Box Fight and Zone Wars maps in Fortnite. We will keep you updated if there are any new maps out there that you won’t want to miss in the future.

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