FIFA 23 Ultimate Team sniping guide: How to make coins fast

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team sniping guide

Sniping cards from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market is no easy task, but this guide will allow you to effortlessly make coins fast.

Whether you’re looking to add a star player to your Ultimate Team squad, or you’re interested in using the transfer market to make coins, sniping is a valuable tool in FIFA 23. Most players aren’t lucky enough to pack the best strikers or defenders in the game, which makes turning to the transfer market their only hope.

While players are listed on the transfer market based on their value, it’s entirely possible to find a few bargains and some coins in the process.

We’ve put together an in-depth guide on how to snipe in FIFA 23 and hopefully make some coins along the way.

FIFA 23 WebApp Sniping

What is sniping in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Sniping is a FIFA 23 method used to quickly snag players from the transfer market for less than their usual value.

The key to sniping Ultimate Team items is speed. Due to the healthy player base, you’ll be competing with numerous buyers on the transfer market. To snipe players successfully you’ll have to secure your target mere seconds after it goes live.

Due to a lack of market understanding or a FUT fan wanting to sell their player quickly, items are often listed for much less than what they’re actually worth. It’ll be up to you to capitalize on these mistakes by sniping worthwhile deals.

How to snipe in FIFA 23

  1. Use the search box and type the player’s name.
  2. Check the average market value of the player you want to snipe.
  3. Adjust the Buy Now slider for slightly less than the player’s market value.
  4. Keep hitting search until a listing appears.
  5. Quickly try to buy the cheapest listing before it is sold.
  6. Refresh and repeat.

Players can choose to snipe on the Web App or in-game, as it comes down to preference. Keep in mind that the Ultimate Team transfer market is constantly shifting and values will increase and decrease on a whim.

Therefore verifying the average market value of your target is incredibly important. This will give you an idea of how much you should snipe the card for, seeing as you’re looking to underpay and save coins.

Patience is definitely a key factor when it comes to sniping cards successfully in FIFA 23. You may have to refresh the market several times before a card even appears. Then you’ll have to be quick enough to beat out other players looking for a discount.

FIFA 23 Sniping Martinez

How to make coins sniping in FIFA 23

While the primary reason for sniping in FIFA 23 is to secure a player you’d like to utilize for the cheapest possible price, some also use sniping to make coins.

If you have a healthy amount of coins to put to use, you can purchase several players for below their market value, and list them on the transfer market to generate a profit.

Players with a tendency to accurately predict transfer market shifts stand to gain the most from sniping.

For example, if an SBC requires players from specific teams or nations, the market value of the corresponding players would rise. There are other factors that influence the market such as TOTW items and promos, but these are difficult to predict without looking into leaks.

Of course, you can always take the slow and steady approach by constantly buying players for slightly below their average market value and selling them. It’ll take time, but with some patience, this method will generate a profit in the long run.

Best Ultimate Team cards to snipe in FIFA 23

Purchasing in-demand cards and later flipping them for more than what you bought them for is an excellent sniping strategy in FIFA 23.

Generally, sniping players that are needed for SBCs, or are out of packs should lead to positive results. Other Ultimate Team items like managers and consumables that have a high value could also be worthwhile to snipe.

The market is constantly shifting, but here are some of the best transfer targets:

  • Lengthy players
  • Mangers with a popular nationality
  • Position Modifier cards
  • Hunter, Architect, and Shadow Chemistry Styles
  • Players required for SBCs
  • Silver cards from the top five leagues

It’s important to note that EA implements a sales tax of 5% for sold items. Therefore, before sniping players, ensure that the price is low enough to generate a profit following the tax.

For more, check out the nominees for FIFA 23’s LaLiga POTM, or our RTTK upgrade tracker.

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