FIFA 23 Ultimate Team crossplay transfer market explained: PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, PC & Switch

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FIFA 23 will feature crossplay support at launch for the very first time, and it’s going to have a drastic change on the Ultimate Team market. We’ve explained how FIFA 23 Ultimate Team’s crossplay markets will work right here.

FIFA players have called for crossplay support for some time, and FIFA 23 will finally answer their prayers. The last game in the series as we know it, before the EA SPORTS FC rebrand takes effect, allows players on different hardware to play together in 1v1 modes.

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While this will obviously have an impact on the pitch, EA have confirmed that the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market is also going to be shared between certain platforms.

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market below, including which platforms have had their markets combined.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team crossplay markets explained

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In FIFA 23, all consoles will have the same Ultimate Team market to buy and sell items on, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch. Even consoles of a different generation will be in the same pool, despite the fact that crossplay matches between current and last-gen are unavailable.

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This means the following platforms will work from the same Ultimate Team pool, as explained in the FIFA 23 crossplay Pitch Notes:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • Google Stadia

The remaining platforms, Nintendo Switch and PC, will both have their own dedicated markets that can’t be accessed by users on other consoles. So, a PC player will only see listings from other PC players.

What does FIFA 23 Ultimate Team’s shared market mean?

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Simply put, the decision for certain versions of FIFA 23 to operate from the same Ultimate Team transfer market means that there will be significantly more items listed at any given time and that there are more players to buy them.

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In the past, certain items like Position Modifiers or rare players needed for SBCs have quickly become extinct due to high demand, leading FUT fans to frantically try and snipe one before they disappear. With the increased pool of users, all consumables and players should be far easier to get hold of if you have the coins.

It also means that the lowest prices of cards on PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia will be the same for the first time. When the markets were independent, the difference in playerbases meant that SBCs would be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you play.

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While the prices will now be consistent over all platforms, it remains to be seen how the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team market will fair once it’s live. The FIFA 22 market was notoriously cheap, and you’d think that putting more of the same items in one place would only bring it down further.

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Image credits: EA SPORTS